The Case For Tom Hiddleston

I’m about to make the argument that Tom Hiddleston is the hottest actor in The Avengers.

Before you immediately rush to the comments section to shoot me down, please read my entire case.

  • Tom Hiddleston is an incredibly stylish man. In sartorial terms, he’s been keeping it on lock down for the entire Avengers press tour. Have you seen the man in a suit? He’s so dapper I might have to be hospitalized for constantly swooning. (That’s a medical condition, right? I mean, my heart rate is elevated.)  There’s also a number of photos circulating on the web of Mr. Hiddleston in a vest with his dress shirt sleeves rolled up. I’m not sure what task inspired him to roll up his sleeves, but he’s doing a really good job at getting my full and undivided attention.
  • He’s an incredibly talented actor. Every girl has a quality that they look for in a man. For men, that’s pure and unadulterated talent. I love to see a guy have a job that he not only loves to do, but that he’s really good at. Have you seen Tom Hiddleston in Midnight in Paris? Have you seen Tom Hiddleson in Deep Blue Sea? Have you seen Tom Hiddleston breathe? He’s very talented at acting and at breathing. I’m just saying he’s generally great.
  • Then, of course is the fact that he’s playing the villain. I love villains. Not in real life, of course. In real life I get really nervous about the tiniest of verbal confrontations, so evil isn’t really my thing. However, I adore a good villain in films, television or literature. They’re dark, they’re dashing, they cackle and they know how to rock  a cape.* Guys, Loki is an amazing villain. He’s got dark hair, a dashing gait, a gleeful cackle and a gorgeous cape.
  • He can do magic. Well, Loki can do magic. Still…he can do magic! I enjoy magic greatly. Have I ever mentioned that I own a wand? Well, I do. I haven’t gotten it to work yet, but that’s because I can’t do magic. This is all beside the point. The point is Loki can do magic and Tom Hiddleston is Loki. These are all positives in my opinion.
  • He’s tall. Did I mention he’s tall? I mean, he’s an Asgardian for crying out loud. As he himself joked, “Ain’t no short a$$ gods around here.” I like tall. Do you like tall men? I mean, I know it’s a matter of taste, but I like tall.

He's giggling. He's always giggling.

  • Tom Hiddleston also has a great sense of humor. He’s always cracking jokes and doing impressions and dancing like an idiot. I feel very strongly that if you jokingly called him “Hiddlywinks”, he wouldn’t mind it. He’d probably just giggle loudly. At least, I hope that’s what he’d do because that’s what I’ve been calling him in my head for the past six months. I would hate to think that a famous actor whom I have no chance of ever meeting would be offended by an imaginary nickname I’ve given him, but I strongly suspect that Hiddlywinks would be alright with it.
  • It’s been really, incredibly, wildly difficult to write this piece because Tom Hiddleston is so charming. What I mean is that as I’ve been researching this piece, I keep falling down a Hiddlywinks hole. I just want to find more photos of him looking stylish, more videos of him joking around, more gifs of him laughing. See? That wasn’t even a properly constructed sentence. I can’t think because I’ve literally spent the last two minutes staring at a gif of him laughing that my friend sent because I “needed to see the weird thing he does with his tongue.”
So, when you consider all this you see that Tom Hiddleston is an incredibly hot person. Possibly the hottest person in The Avengers cast. I mean, who is he up against? Robert Downey Jr.? (Oh, he’s really hot and funny.) Jeremy Renner? (Oh, he’s really good at wearing pants.) Chris Hemsworth? (Oh, he’s really good at being a Hemsworth.) Mark Ruffalo? (Oh, he’s adorable.) Chris Evans? (Oh, he’s kind of an all-American heartthrob.) Scarlett Johansson? (Oh, she’s Scarlett Johansson.)
So okay, every actor in The Avengers is ludicrously hot–including Tom Hiddleston. I suppose that at the moment he’s my personal favorite. Maybe because he’s British.  I mean, I’ve liked many a guy just because they were British. Still, I’d like to think it’s more to do with the fact that in addition to being an incredibly talented, smart and successful actor, Tom Hiddleston seems to have a really lovely sense of humor about himself. For instance, I think that if he read this article, he would just giggle politely, in on the joke, rather than be offended or weirded out by it. To me, that’s the most charming thing a man can do: laugh at himself.

*I feel strongly that capes should be socially acceptable. Scepters should also be okay.

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