The Broke Girl's Guide to Living Like Cher Horowitz

We’ve so been getting into ’90s Britpop lately (like Pulp, Blur and, of course, Oasis), the sounds of which inevitably remind us of another ’90s era staple, the movie Clueless. Even though the film took place well over a decade ago, we’re still pining for the life of Cher Horowitz, Beverly Hills princess.  Since we here at Broke Girl’s Guide may never have Cher’s bank account (or her closet, le sigh!), we’ve put together some bootlegged (broke girl’ed?) ways to live as if our daddies were also high-powered attorneys in the 90210–hot stepbrothers not included:

The first things you’ll need are some Ponytail Holders with Ball Ends, $0.74 per item (seriously!).

These are, like, so totally perfect for gym because you need your hair back when balls come flying at your face (but how is that different from your social life?).

After working out, it’ll be time to get refreshed and slap on your pinkest lip gloss (obviously). E.L.F. has great gloss for fab prices!

This one has a scent of vanilla mint, which is great for when you “accidentally” get too close to your crush while asking them if they got a haircut.

The easiest way to get back into the ’90s fashion revival is to hit up Goodwill stores and/or resale stores like Buffalo Exchange. At Buffalo Exchange, not only can you get great deals on clothes, but you can sell yours too! And they are totally picky about what they take, meaning, they’re not going to buy your faded, moth-attacked Gap turtleneck, and that’s good for everyone. Find a nearby location here, then check out their blog for ’90s inspired fashion tips!  Since knee socks are non-negotiable, we recommend you shop Forever 21’s selection, or check out Hansel from Basel for pricier pairs that will last all season.

Now that you look bitchin’, it’s time for dinner with your best girlfriend (hopefully, she’ll drive)! Dining out like the 1% is totally doable when you use a service like, where you can get amazing deals on restaurants. We here at BGG once went to a sushi place that cost just $25 for two people! So totally rad. Savored is available in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

Not all of us can afford our own Lucy to help us clean our most responsible looking outfits. But that’s okay, it’s the ’90s (well, not really) and we have girl power – we can do it ourselves!  Did you know you can actually make your own laundry detergent? There are many recipes out there on the Internet. Here’s one of many, from His and Her Homesteading.  If you’re really interested in DIY cleaning, here’s another article on the only 5 cleaning supplies you’ll ever need.

Don’t freak, Cher, it’s so doable!

Finally, if you’re too addicted to Starbucks to leave it behind forever, there are some things you can do to save money. 1. Get a Starbucks card, so you can get free syrups in your drink. You’ll also get coupons sent to you for free drinks! 2. Bring your own cup for a slight discount. 3. If you order a meal pairing, you can save up to $1.20! 4. Of course, you can brew your own Starbucks coffee at home, but we so won’t judge if you don’t want to risk chipping your manicure in the process.

Obviously, it saves money to avoid Starbucks altogether, but AS IF!

What brilliant Cher Horowitz-inspired tips do you have?  Broke Girl’s Guide want to hear from you Bettys and Baldwins out there!

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