The Broke Girl’s Guide to Looking Like You Belong at Sundance

We here at Broke Girl’s Guide understand that some of you may have decided to attend the Sundance Film Festival this year even though you don’t have a movie premiering there, don’t work for a studio and aren’t “technically” on ANY of the party guest lists.  As we totally get this inclination to crash Sundance and yet hate to think of you as being left out in the cold, we’ve outlined a few ways for you to look like you belong in Utah, on a budget:

1. It’s effing freezing, so dress accordingly or the real Sundancers will have a good laugh at your expense as you turn blue trying to ‘cute’ your way into a gifting suite.  Be sure to pack a hat, gloves, a coat — like this one or this one, wool socks, thermal underwear (sexy!) and hand warmers.

2. Speaking of gifting suites, it’s essential as a Broke Girl that you score some serious swag in order to justify the plane ticket expense. If you haven’t spent the last three weeks sucking up to your PR contacts, we suggest you claim to be a high-level executive at ‘the company that made Twilight.’ If the underpaid PR girl at the door asks to see your business card, act offended and threaten to ‘pull RPattz from all future (insert PR company name) events’.  Bring this leather shopper to maximize your take-home.

3. Every year, one singular boot trend dominates the festival. Make sure you’re up on it.  This year, our prediction is that shearling booties will be in no short supply. We like these River Island Shearling Lined Biker Boots, $76.36, these Mod Cloth Poutine On The Ritz Boots, $122.99 and these Belle Sigerson Morrison Shearling Low Boots, $230.

4. Not having a festival lanyard on your person is the surest sign you’re pulling a ‘Paris Hilton’ (read: attending just to par-tay and make out with ‘producers’ — no judgement!).  We suggest ‘borrowing’ from the arrogant guy who’s too VIP to wear his around his neck and has instead left it dangling from his pocket. Idiot. Or, utilize your best Broke Girl DIY skills on this one.  Be sure to bring your laminator

5.  You’ll also need oversized sunglasses, a fake tan and a bikini.  After all, this is “Hollywood” — there will be posturing, there will be superficial judgements based solely on your appearance and there will be hot tubs.

Break a leg!  Just not literally, as you shouldn’t be seen skiing given your busy film-viewing schedule…

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