The Boy Crazy Ladies’ Top 10 Biggest Crushes of 2012

Friends, it is the end of the year. I could hit you with a witty introduction, but I find it unnecessary as we are about to discuss the most swoon-worthy men of 2012 and what makes us all crush on them so hard. As we prepare to leave behind the year we are in and enter a new one, I can only say thank you to those on the list for being so crush-worthy. I think I speak for us all when I say we hope to see you again, many times over, in the next 365 days. So, let’s get right to it and review the boy-crazy ladies’ top ten biggest crushes of 2012.

10. Dez Duron: I am not the resolution making type, but I did proclaim that going on a date with Dez was a goal I would stand by in the new year. A late arrival to 2012 fame and the dark horse of the Top 10 season, The Voice contestant and member of #TeamChristina made up for lost time, quickly winning over millions of hearts – all he really ever had to do was smile. Singing everything from Frankie Vallie and Lionel Richie to Hunter Hayes and Justin Bieber, Dez gave Adam Levine a run for his money in the resident hottie department. His undeniable swag and 1000-watt smile pulled the girls in (I think I actually used the word ‘fly’ to describe him in general conversation) but his ability to belt out a ballad while rocking a v-neck tee melted hearts across America. As if all that wasn’t enough to land him in the top ten, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention he was a member of the Yale football team prior to moving out to the city of angels to pursue his music industry dreams. As a side note, he’s a southern boy who regularly uses the word “y’all”, proudly loves his momma and has been known to quote Hannah Montana on Twitter. Any further questions? Here’s hoping we’re talking about his new album during next year’s round up.

9. Darren Criss and The Collective Warbler: Similar to when Time magazine named “The Protestor” their collective person of the year in 2011, I am naming the collective Warbler as one of the biggest crushes of 2012. There is simply something about a group of fine young men, adorned in matching blazers, harmonizing in your general direction. Throw in smooth moves that define modern-day swag and a leader of the pack that goes by Darren Criss and you have what tween and 20-something crushes are made of; some would even call it #GOLD. Warblers aside (which may be the hardest thing I have ever had to say), Darren himself sang his way even further into our hearts this year with his stint on Broadway as J. Pierrepont Finch in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, an acoustic version of Teenage Dream and an upbeat cover of ‘It’s Time‘ during the fourth season of Glee. As long as we are being clear about resolutions, I also have a standing one that involves myself and Darren Criss going on a date to Disneyland. Will lucky 2013 be my year? We’ll have to see. Lastly, it takes a special kind of man with the right assets to prove a bow tie and ankle pants are a desired look while also reigning supreme at Coachella. Bravo!

8. Liam Hemsworth: Dear Liam, prepare to be on all the “hot” lists for a long, long time. Even if there are women out there who didn’t fall in serious love with you in The Last Song (no women I know), they fell in love with you the minute they found out you were to be the apple of Katniss Everdeen’s eye in The Hunger Games series. It was a bittersweet day when you promised yourself to our girl Miley this year, taking that swoon-worthy smile off the market, but the excitement for Catching Fire is palpable none the less. Here’s to seeing your undeniably crush-worthy self on Top 10 lists for years to come. Move over, RPattz – there’s a new phenomenon in town.


7. Chuck Bass. (AKA Ed Westwick) If you haven’t heard by now, Dan Humphrey revealed himself as Gossip Girl, signifying the end of an era; an era that afforded us five glorious years of three-piece suit wearing, smoldering stare-giving, witty, bad-ass glorifying Chuck Bass. One could argue that Charles is solely responsible for the comeback of both the bow-tie and the colored paisley neck tie and it is a near certainty that no one has rocked either accessory better than a Bass. Above all, let’s be honest, each of us has a soft spot for the leader of the bad boys club who, in the end, just needed the love of a Blair Waldorf to show him the error of his womanizing ways. So, as we close this chapter in our elite-Manhattanite obsessed, upper-east side loving lives, I feel it only appropriate that we honor the crush of all crushes one last time before his reign officially comes to a close. After all, he is Chuck Bass.


6. Ryan Lochte (and the collective USA Men’s Olympic Swim Team): I blame tiny swimsuits, two straight weeks of Olympic coverage, Vogue and the fact that I didn’t know eight-pack abs existed before the London Olympic games for America’s obsession with Ryan Lochte and the entire USA Men’s Olympic swim team. Lochte specifically was touted as the sex symbol of what is arguably sports biggest stage, was pictured shirtless more times during the summer months than the stars of Magic Mike and became only the fourth male to ever grace the cover of Vogue. Let us not forget his greatest weapon during the Games was a super power smirk that turned women everywhere into putty in his gold-medal wielding hands. Lucky for us, Lochte was simply the leader of a whole slew of gold medal-winning, small suit-wearing swimmers that graced our television screens during the month of August. They definitely earned their accolades this year.


5. Ryan Gosling: For real, though – 90 years from now, when the next generation is recapping the hottest hotties of 2102, Gosling will still be on the list. People say the only certainties in life are death and taxes; add Ryan Gosling always being one of the sexiest men (dead or) alive to that list and I agree. Not to mention it was nearly impossible to log onto Facebook or have a full conversation with a woman in her 20s without seeing or using the phrase “Hey, Girl.” As in, “Hey, Girl. Don’t worry. Even when I am not in a blockbuster movie, I am still absurdly crush-worthy.”

4.Zac Efron: Zac, let’s have a heart to heart. How do you just continue to get significantly better with age? Whether we all admit it or not (I absolutely do), we loved you as East High heartthrob Troy Bolton, where you had all of us wishing we were Wildcats. Then, after being in multiple romcoms that had us buying up every magazine that featured your pretty face, you cultivated the ability to melt our hearts without even physically being on screen as the voice of Ted in The Lorax. Most amazing argument yet is that none of this matters in the face of your 2012 The Lucky One stardom. The billboards alone caused a wave of hot flashes across the country and even though no woman would have bet on you, there isn’t a female out there who would argue you didn’t rival Ryan Gosling circa The Notebook with your portrayal of Logan. ZEfron, you remain a mystery, but I think I speak for all women when I say we are happy to continue trying to solve it for years to come.

3. Harry Styles: It could be his hair. It could be his British accent. It could be the fact that he is the latest celebrity crooner with an innocent-yet-mischievous grin, owner of the lead vocal on millions of playlists around the world. But, it’s probably his hair. With a mane that rivals the Bieber swoop and shine of 2009, an attitude that redefines sweet, sensitive playboy and the ability to rock a skinny jean and a blazer like he invented the combo, he made girls everywhere want to Live While We’re Young with him by our side; you just can’t deny all those Little Things. Do I need to keep going? Of all the European exports the ladies of the good old US of A have come to enjoy, it is safe to say we are most thankful for Harry Styles in 2012.

2.Adam Levine: Does this member of the list actually require an explanation? I think not, but let’s review anyway, just for fun. We have previously discussed that this man wears a white tee and skinny jeans in a serious way, leaving ladies everywhere wanting more. His tattoos and bad boy, front man exterior make him an international sex symbol but his swoon-worthy smile  and playful, sometimes nerdy, guys-guy demeanor are what  really keep us coming back for more. With millions of ladies around the globe prepped and ready to scream his name during the upcoming Maroon 5 world tour and a third season of The Voice in the works, it is safe to say our allegiance will lie with #TeamAdam for quite a while longer.

1. Channing Tatum: Not only was Channing Tatum this year’s winner of People’s Sexiest Man Alive, he was the star of this little film that hardly anybody saw, Magic Mike. This, combined with the fact that most women I know are still physically unable to pry themselves away from the television anytime Step Up is on ABC Family, makes him our number one crush of 2012. All the swooning over his hunky physique aside, this born and bred southerner is also a sweet, sensitive, charming gentlemen on and off screen. With all the hype around Magic Mike, it was easy to forget that a few short months before he was making us all reach for the Kleenex as he starred opposite Rachel McAdams in The Vow. And in real life? He couldn’t be more excited about becoming a dad in the new year. Channing, we love you. Long may you reign.

Needless to say, it was a hot (pun intended) year in the Hollywood hunk department with many of our favorite men not even making this very official list (Andrew Garfield, Chace Crawford, Josh Hutcherson, Skylar Astin, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, Leo…sigh); a shortage of beautiful boys to crush on, there was not. It’s hard to imagine 2013 could be any easier on the eyes, but in Hollywood, there is always somebody waiting in the wings. So, I send my thanks to 2012 for supplying boy crazy ladies everywhere with a multitude of boys to crush on while eagerly awaiting what pretty faces 2013 will thrust into the spotlight.


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