The Best Video of Children Rapping About Cheetos You'll Ever See

There are few things I appreciate more than snacks, precociousness, posses, and well-produced amateur rap videos.

“Hot Cheetos and Takis” provides all four, with a touching story to boot. Before I go any further, go and grab yourself a spicy snack (any one will do, pick your favorite. Oh, and don’t forget a beverage, because you know, spicy stuff is spicy,) because you’re going to be craving one after this, and watch this video.

Wow, right? Did you accidentally start awkwardly dancing a little bit in your chair too? Oh. Neither did I. Alright, now open the snack, begin snacking, and we’ll get this article started. You just watched five minutes of a group of children being insanely entertaining while rapping about snacks! And not even good snacks! Like, anyone can rap about bagel chips or regular Cheetos, but it takes a real virtuoso to rap about the barely edible Hot Cheetos and have it be awesome.

I love the idea of kids rapping, but when I walk up to a child in the street and I’m just like “Hey kid, drop some beats,” their parents usually get mad at me, so how exactly did this get made?

According to Grantland, the North Community Beats and Rhymes Program is an after school program where kids can go to work on their beats and rhymes. Out of NCBRP grew two juvenile “posses,” the NSJ Crew and The Y.N.RichKids. The Y.N.RichKids are responsible for “Hot Cheetos and Takis,” which has become a super-viral internet hit (I guess it’s viral because it’s so catchy. Like a virus. Get it? Ack, I apologize for that joke.)

The existence of this after school program is a really great thing. I think all music and creative learning is valuable for kids: you don’t need to force kids to learn classical music for there to be educational value. Yeah, classical music is great, but its hard to get a 12-year-old passionate about Debussy when they’re into Kanye. For kids this age, all creation is good creation, and being given the opportunity to make videos like this is going to be life-changing for some. Sure, the genre may have some negative connotations–the kind of stuff tweens shouldn’t be involved with–but these kids aren’t rapping about gang culture and blunts, they’re rapping about snack food. Yeah, rapping about snack food is easier after a blunt, but not when you’re 11.

“Hot Cheetos and Takis,” is a legitimate musical feat, and blows tween-self-produced YouTube music atrocities like “Friday” or “Hot Problems” out of the water. The difference is that Y.N.RichKids have talent and passion where the others had nothing but vanity and money. These kids also all work so well together, each one of them fully backs up the actions of the others. I guess that’s just kind of an inherent part of being in a posse, but it’s still impressive. I give “Hot Cheetos and Takis” two orange-dust stained thumbs-up.

You’ll notice that a handful of different kids rap in this thing. Which is your favorite? Who is the most talented? Debate it out in the comments.

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