The Best Lady GaGa Cover You'll Hear, From PS22 and Ithacapella

As an alumni of Ithaca College, I’d heard the school’s amazing men’s a cappella group on occasion, but this collaboration with Staten Island’s PS22 chorus is simply outstanding. I can’t stop watching it.

There’s so much more from the PS22 chorus on their website. My favorites include covers of Jackson 5 and Adele. And check out Ithacapella’s website as well, including their Ustream channel.

  • Carolina GM


  • Ashley Cress


  • Rae Ghun

    I wonder what the Mother Monster would say if she saw this? Ohhh I bet she’d be so proud. This is wonderful!

  • Liz Haebe

    This was awesome!

  • Alison Klejna

    Another Ithaca College alum here! Ithacapella had near cult status during my years there. Great to see they still sound excellent and are doing great work.

    • Rachel Hastings

      Yay! I graduated in 2010 and they were selling out huge shows while I was there. They’re so good!

  • Rachel Jackson

    I just teared up, this was so cute! I love to hear kids sing, especially in unison like that. Awesome.

  • TiNka Kalajžić Ines

    Woooow, I ♥ this! :) They are so into it!

  • Blerta Haziraj

    Greatness <3

  • Dominga Quinones


  • Alexandra Kessie


  • Annah Rogoff

    literally gives me the chills up and down my spine… The music instructor is an amazing guy!

  • Kim Pawlishak-Kurz

    Hell yeah Ithaca College!!!! Happy to be an alum… and have been on the receiving end of an Ithacapella valentine-gram


    • Rachel Hastings

      Oh wow! I can’t even imagine what a valentine-gram from them would be like, but I’m sure that I would have no idea how to respond to it.

  • Savannah Marie

    This is just amazing!

  • Jamileh Taleb

    i got goose bumps!!

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