The Best Lady GaGa Cover You'll Hear, From PS22 and IthacapellaRachel Hastings

As an alumni of Ithaca College, I’d heard the school’s amazing men’s a cappella group on occasion, but this collaboration with Staten Island’s PS22 chorus is simply outstanding. I can’t stop watching it.

There’s so much more from the PS22 chorus on their website. My favorites include covers of Jackson 5 and Adele. And check out Ithacapella’s website as well, including their Ustream channel.


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  1. i got goose bumps!!

  2. This is just amazing!

  3. Hell yeah Ithaca College!!!! Happy to be an alum… and have been on the receiving end of an Ithacapella valentine-gram


    • Oh wow! I can’t even imagine what a valentine-gram from them would be like, but I’m sure that I would have no idea how to respond to it.

  4. literally gives me the chills up and down my spine… The music instructor is an amazing guy!

  5. :)

  6. WOW!!!!

  7. Greatness <3

  8. Woooow, I ♥ this! :) They are so into it!

  9. I just teared up, this was so cute! I love to hear kids sing, especially in unison like that. Awesome.

  10. Another Ithaca College alum here! Ithacapella had near cult status during my years there. Great to see they still sound excellent and are doing great work.

  11. This was awesome!

  12. I wonder what the Mother Monster would say if she saw this? Ohhh I bet she’d be so proud. This is wonderful!

  13. Love!

  14. Great!