The Best-Dressed Female Sitcom Characters of All TimeMolly McAleer

Who didn’t want Kelly Kapowski’s boat necked Bayside sweatshirts? I’d be flat-out fibbing if I denied rocking a wig or two because Celia Hodes manged to so flawlessly on Weeds. And Ms. Suzanne Sugarbaker? You are not only the reason for the night the lights went out in Georgia, you are also the reason I own so many jackets and dresses with shoulder pads built in.

Female sitcom characters have always been my go-to for fashion inspiration, and while there are some greats who didn’t make it on my list (Diane Chambers of Cheers and her frilly yet consistently conservative blouses, My So-Called Life’s Rayanne Graff and her rotation of plaid tops and chunky boots, and Nelle Porter of Ally McBeal, who oozed sexuality even in a semi-business appropriate suit), the ones that I look to the most really stuck.

Clair Huxtable from The Cosby Show

With the exception of She-Ra, no one defined ’80s and ’90s power glam more than full-time lawyer and fuller-time mom, Clair Huxtable. The big earrings, the sequined dresses on nights out, the splashes of bold color in her day-to-day office wear. Clair Huxtable was the queen of cooking dinner in a chic power-suit. Her jacket would be abandoned in her bedroom closet, and an apron would be over the impeccably tailored matching skirt and playful blouse. Hell, Clair even looked good in her pajamas. Don’t we all want to be a Clair?

Darlene Connor from Roseanne

From my cynicism to my attraction to wimpy nerds, I am a Darlene, through and through. Where I find that we have the most in common, though, is in our day-to-day dress. Unflattering jeans, a crew neck sweatshirt or an ill-fitting sweater that looks like it originally belonged to a man? Yep. That’s me. Toss a denim jacket over it? Perfect. Hair in a ponytail’s totally cool, too, and if that doesn’t work, just chop it into a semi-manageable bob. And a plaid nightshirt worn during the day with a pair of jeans? Totally underrated. Whether Darlene cared to think about clothing or not, she always managed to put on something that was “totally Darlene”.

Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City

When I’m not rolling around in men’s clothing or putting together outfits for business meetings I’ll never have, I like to get weird. Bobby pin some flowers to my head? Why not? Wear a bra so bright you could see it through anything? Let’s do it! Carrie was the queen of trying out new things and owning it in a way that most people only wish they had the confidence to do. I can’t say for sure that I’d wear a bird on my head the day of my wedding, but I just might give it a shot.

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  • Milena Monica

    joey potter from dawsons creek :-)..

  • Kendra Jane Burnette

    From the show “Charmed”, Pheobe (Alyssa Milano). Her character went through a few fashion changes, but they were all cool!

  • Claire De Lune

    I’m so glad you mentioned Darlene! She was such an idol to me growing up :)

  • Carolyn Pile

    Robin from How I Met Your Mother wore a dress once that I tried to find online.

  • María Angélica Mirabal Toscano

    I know is not a sitcom but i love the entire wardrobe of Lipstick Jungle, especially what Nico Reilly character wore. From the shoes to the jewerly so glamorous and chic. I love it!

  • Caitlyn Lechuga

    One Tree Hill isn’t a sitcom but Brooke Davis definitely deserves a mention! Her style cute, sophisticated, & fun. If I could have someones wardrobe from a tv show I’d love to take hers!

  • Kristie Mullen

    jess FTW! i have to admit, on an episode a few weeks ago, she was wearing black tights with black shorts and a black tee… and i went an bought black tights and shorts. eek, that probably makes me a total creeper!

    • Anonymous

      Kudos to all of you for this adventurous osiessn! I love the perspective and depth in the third image. And what perfect wind in the fourth blowing Jess’s hair. And also the one with the lovely contrast between the couple having a quiet moment while the rapids roar past.

  • Leticia Cortinas

    Buffy isn’t a sitcom though, I would vote for Lily from How I Met Your Mother.

  • Leticia Cortinas

    Buffy Summers! She so very stylishly kicked ass!

  • Deejay Stacey

    i so agree!!! xo

  • Marena Ferrel

    I fall at the feet of Fran Fine. Also a little bit of Topanga/Clarissa Darling (I loved bicycle shorts, vests, bangles, and scrunchies- in a leftover eighties kind of way).

  • Lauren Hollaway

    Ann Marie in “That Girl”
    Joan Holloway “Mad Men”
    Clarissa Darling “Clarissa Explains it All”
    They changed my life!

  • Brittany Onesti

    WHOA. How could you not have listed Summer Roberts from The OC?

    • Marena Ferrel

      I never watched the OC, but I don’t think it is a sitcom, is it?

  • Marina Richie

    Virginia from Raising Hope. I mean, really. Martha Plimpton is the bee’s knees.

  • Zoelynn G Friesen

    I vote Jess from new girl she rocks the show every time it airs.

  • Sami Lamino

    I chose rachel greene, she looks beautiful every time, no matter the ocassion, she is impecable, Carrie Bradshaw is amazing as well, but a little too much for my taste, no messure, she looks to extravagant in all the time, both gorgeous, but Rachel is the best by far!

  • Melanie Bracco

    Kelly Bundy should be on this list, she always wore the best clothes :)

  • Tina Niemegeers

    Lorelei Gilmore from Gilmore Girls…

  • Jennifer Feldman

    Punky Brewster as a kid.

  • Brandy Wile

    Definitely Chuck from Pushing Daisies. I loved her clothes, very mod like and she looked so
    beautiful and I’d love to have the pie maker :)

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