The Best-Dressed Female Sitcom Characters of All Time

Who didn’t want Kelly Kapowski’s boat necked Bayside sweatshirts? I’d be flat-out fibbing if I denied rocking a wig or two because Celia Hodes manged to so flawlessly on Weeds. And Ms. Suzanne Sugarbaker? You are not only the reason for the night the lights went out in Georgia, you are also the reason I own so many jackets and dresses with shoulder pads built in.

Female sitcom characters have always been my go-to for fashion inspiration, and while there are some greats who didn’t make it on my list (Diane Chambers of Cheers and her frilly yet consistently conservative blouses, My So-Called Life’s Rayanne Graff and her rotation of plaid tops and chunky boots, and Nelle Porter of Ally McBeal, who oozed sexuality even in a semi-business appropriate suit), the ones that I look to the most really stuck.

Clair Huxtable from The Cosby Show

With the exception of She-Ra, no one defined ’80s and ’90s power glam more than full-time lawyer and fuller-time mom, Clair Huxtable. The big earrings, the sequined dresses on nights out, the splashes of bold color in her day-to-day office wear. Clair Huxtable was the queen of cooking dinner in a chic power-suit. Her jacket would be abandoned in her bedroom closet, and an apron would be over the impeccably tailored matching skirt and playful blouse. Hell, Clair even looked good in her pajamas. Don’t we all want to be a Clair?

Darlene Connor from Roseanne

From my cynicism to my attraction to wimpy nerds, I am a Darlene, through and through. Where I find that we have the most in common, though, is in our day-to-day dress. Unflattering jeans, a crew neck sweatshirt or an ill-fitting sweater that looks like it originally belonged to a man? Yep. That’s me. Toss a denim jacket over it? Perfect. Hair in a ponytail’s totally cool, too, and if that doesn’t work, just chop it into a semi-manageable bob. And a plaid nightshirt worn during the day with a pair of jeans? Totally underrated. Whether Darlene cared to think about clothing or not, she always managed to put on something that was “totally Darlene”.

Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City

When I’m not rolling around in men’s clothing or putting together outfits for business meetings I’ll never have, I like to get weird. Bobby pin some flowers to my head? Why not? Wear a bra so bright you could see it through anything? Let’s do it! Carrie was the queen of trying out new things and owning it in a way that most people only wish they had the confidence to do. I can’t say for sure that I’d wear a bird on my head the day of my wedding, but I just might give it a shot.

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  • Astrid Lund

    Jess in New Girl! I love her style!! 😀

  • Danielle Mercedes Adams

    My style love is Jess. I dream of dressing like her.

  • Jane Quigley

    It’s a close tie between Carrie and Jennifer in my opinion. So glad you mentioned Fran Fine. Used to watch this all the time as a kid!!

  • Alexis Roman Hill

    You forgot Mary Tyler Moore from the Mary Tyler Moore Show!

  • Gracie Slayter

    Jess should definitely be on there! So should Lily from How I Met Your Mother. Oh! And Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie.

    • Anonymous

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  • Charity S Wagner

    I vote no way to all of the above, and a big Yes to Jess!

  • China Marie Aquino

    What about Lily from How I met your mother? I love all of her clothes!

  • Beth Torrens

    these days gossip girl. always loved carrie with a little charlotte thrown in, phoebe & rachel, when i was young i liked topanga, mk & a on two of a kind, & i seriously loved dorothy jane from the torkelsons. yea i said it. omg i wanted that hair so bad i got a perm ha i totally dressed like her with her overalls & flowy flowery tucked in tops with purple jeans haha

    • Jen Bridges

      I wanted to be Dorothy Jane too! I was so obsessed when I was twelve every item of clothing I wore had to be something she would wear! LOL!

  • Dessa Hadenfeldt

    I tried for many things cool; I ended-up with Blossom Russo from “Blossom.” For better or worse :D. Now? I live in a town of 200 people (none of whom are single men). I just try hard NOT to envy any style on tv lol. Though it’d probably be Leslie Bibb on “GCB.” The other characters? Not so much, and I’d still tone down the country vibe, but…

  • Bernadette Moke

    Lorelai from Gilmore girls! Casual but chic, comfortable but apporopriate… well almost always.

  • Halley Beth

    Lucille Ball, from I Love Lucy!

  • Meaghan Doughty

    I love all three characters on “Bones”. Every episode I am exclaiming, to my husbands grief, how my I love their clothes. I adore their outfits and would wear each and every one, I swear!

    • Laura Owen

      BONES’ TRENCHCOATS! Every crime scene, there’s a new adorable coat!

  • Leah Whitt

    It still bugs me that Rachel wears a brown tank top and black track pants when she goes to England. Come on, Rachel!

    • Megan Lorraine Younce


  • Anonymous

    great list Molls. I like the way Jesse dress too though.

  • Molly Fosco

    DJ and Stephanie from Full House of course! Tried so hard to copy their oh so chic 90’s style that one time when I wore the super trendy cut-off jean shorts over black tights look (which recently made a come back!) I decided it was a great idea to put my legs through the back of a chair in a restaurant (I was only 8 years old so it was completely socially acceptable) and proceeded to get stuck in the chair because apparently I was wearing “too many pairs of pants” as my mother put it. Now THAT is some true dedication to female sitcom character fashion!

  • Danny Mansell

    Kelly Bundy!!!!

    • Anonymous

      So very very beautiful, as aalyws I feel as though I was there. Love the uniqueness of everything they did. So elegant, simple and gracious. You captured it well and I also wish them a lifetime of loving each other. God bless Reed and Jess.

  • Juliana Mendonça Siqueira

    I would include the first cool hipster girl of all times: Clarissa —

  • Sara Michaels

    Chuck from “Pushing Daisies”. Anna Friel’s wardrobe was impeccable.

  • Kathryn Anne Jarvis

    Lorilei andddd Rory Gilmore from Gilmore girls of course!

  • Bridget Anne Doughty

    News from New Girl for sure!! With Bones a close second!

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