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Hey, everyone! Ruby will be streaming LIVE this Friday at 5pmPST/8pmEST and she needs YOUR help. She will have a segment called “Ask Ruby” during every show and she needs you to submit questions & topics. You can submit questions to (Subject Line: “The Awkward Show”)  Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook or to the comments in this post! She will answer every question and each question will get a shout out.
Since there will be a particular topic for every episode, she wants YOU to submit ideas for a topic and that person will also get a shoutout.

  • Sage Helena Hooten

    How about, ” the Question Show”? or “Ruby’s Royal Response to Really Embarrassing Questions”?

  • Wendy Diaz

    Questions: it can be anything, right? What’s on your bookshelf? Who are your inspirations, idols, role models? And what’s your favorite number and why?

  • Ruby Karp

    well, as long as it is appropriate :-)

    • Laura Mendez

      oohh! What’s your favorite TV show? or your favorite… um, artist/singer person? Are you obsessed with anything awesome?

  • Joey O’Brian

    Hey I think that for the first video I have seen so far was good and your voice is beautiful when you sing.

  • Mary Clare O’Sadnick

    you should have a show about glitter!

  • Ruby Karp

    thank you for hanging in there…see you next friday!!! same time, better connection!

  • Blad Salgado

    first topic should be about how evil cats really are.

  • Heather Marie Mckown

    Cat’s are not evil, whenever i am sick my cat knows and comes running. She licks my face and cuddles with me to make me feel better.

  • Heather Marie Mckown

    Cats not Cat’s

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