Hey, everyone! Ruby will be streaming LIVE this Friday at 5pmPST/8pmEST and she needs YOUR help. She will have a segment called “Ask Ruby” during every show and she needs you to submit questions & topics. You can submit questions to (Subject Line: “The Awkward Show”)  Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook or to the comments in this post! She will answer every question and each question will get a shout out.
Since there will be a particular topic for every episode, she wants YOU to submit ideas for a topic and that person will also get a shoutout.


Please help us maintain positive conversations by refraining from posting spam, advertisements, and links to other websites or blogs. we reserve the right to remove your comment if it does not adhere to these guidelines. thanks! post a comment.

  1. Cats not Cat’s

  2. Cat’s are not evil, whenever i am sick my cat knows and comes running. She licks my face and cuddles with me to make me feel better.

  3. first topic should be about how evil cats really are.

  4. thank you for hanging in there…see you next friday!!! same time, better connection!

    Ruby Karp | 2/03/2012 06:02 pm
  5. you should have a show about glitter!

  6. Hey I think that for the first video I have seen so far was good and your voice is beautiful when you sing.

  7. well, as long as it is appropriate :-)

    Ruby Karp | 2/03/2012 02:02 pm
    • oohh! What’s your favorite TV show? or your favorite… um, artist/singer person? Are you obsessed with anything awesome?

  8. Questions: it can be anything, right? What’s on your bookshelf? Who are your inspirations, idols, role models? And what’s your favorite number and why?

  9. How about, ” the Question Show”? or “Ruby’s Royal Response to Really Embarrassing Questions”?

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