The Awkward Show with Ruby Karp – Live Tonight!Torre Healy

The Awkward Show with Ruby Karp will be streaming LIVE tonight at 5pm PST/8pm EST.

This week Ruby is talking all about New Girl! What was your favorite episode? Who do you think Jess is meant to be with? Who’s your favorite roommate? Ruby wants to know!

Send in all your questions for Ruby to (Subject Line: “The Awkward Show”) or post a comment below! She will answer every question and everyone will get a shout out!


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  1. As for Fav. episode it’s a tie between the First one and when Jess Played Dress up in the bed room.. Been Following Zooey’s fcarrier or awile. I think she Should end up with?? The Obvious, but It won’t happen for along time…

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