The Awkward Show with Ruby Karp – Live Tonight!

The Awkward Show with Ruby Karp will be streaming LIVE tonight at 5pm PST/8pm EST.

This week Ruby is talking all about summer! What fun things do you do? What should she do? What are your favorite summer fashions? What is your favorite part of summer?

Send in all your questions for Ruby to (Subject Line: “The Awkward Show”) or post a comment below! She will answer every question and everyone will get a shout out!

  • Kevin Sterner

    BBQ.. Hitting the beach.. Hiking in the wood along the cliffs in J.N.

  • Chad Kovac

    Who is Ruby Karp and why is your show not started yet? You’re late.

  • Chad Kovac

    Your Facebook link is borked.

  • Chad Kovac

    I should get at least a couple points for TRYING to be awkward… claiming the show is late? I better get points.

    • Ruby Karp

      The show doesnt start for 20 minutes..

  • Kevin Sterner

    to post a comment

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