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The Awesome Chronicles: I'm Awesome, You're Awesome, We're All Awesome!

First off, just like in the title of this post, you are awesome! No matter where you are in life, no matter what is going on, you are being the best you there is, cause there is only one, unique you. Unless you have a clone out there, but then is that really you, or just an empty shell that looks like you? (Creepy questions) Up until about June, I still felt like a girl, sometimes I still do, but then something clicked in this 23-year-old version of myself, and I realized that I’m not really a kid anymore. But you know what? I never felt like I was still a girl up until the point I wasn’t, as I was in that girlish moment. You wanna know what the hell my secret is/was? I owned the hell out of every moment I was given! I stuck to my guns, and it all worked out. The moments and experiences that we go through are what make us who we are, but the moments and experiences never stop coming, and so who we are and what we want change. Own that too!

I remember this one time when a dear friend asked me “how are you so comfortable in your own skin, you are so you?” It was a huge compliment, but I honestly had the hardest time answering her question, and it still is mind boggling in ways. Boggling is a funny word, isn’t it? I’ve already told you all about owning everything you do, I think that has a large part to do with it. If you feel like staying home and hanging with no one but yourself, do it! If you feel like being a crazy party animal, wear your leopard print and party it up! You can change your mind! You also have to love every part of yourself. I know that I’m the girl next door (not the tall blonde), that I’m extremely awkward, that I find hanging with the guys and watching a horror flick much more relaxing then mani’s and pedi’s with the girls, that I have a loud laugh, that I talk to cars while driving like they are people, that I bust out singing or dancing when I shouldn’t, just to name a few things about me that I am proud of! Find the things about yourself that would normally embarrass you, and learn to love them. No one is perfect and your quirks are there for a reason!

Ok, if you are having one of those days where you just don’t feel pretty, cause we all have those days. Pretend like you do, or wear a hat. Hats are brilliant inventions! But make sure it’s a hat with a lot of character; use it as a snarky fashion piece! A hat and a little fun lip color is always a good pick me up! Something out of the ordinary, it’ll take your mind off the fact that you felt frumpy when you got dressed, and now you’ll feel totally badass.

I recently saw this quote by Neil Patrick Harris. “Everyone I know is getting married or pregnant. I’m just getting more awesome.” Now I’m sure no matter where you are in life now, that you have said that first line to yourself, or really loudly in a large group. I’m not anywhere near to getting married or having kids, even though that could always be just around the corner, but a lot of people I know are. When I saw this, that last line made me smile. There is nothing wrong with becoming more awesome. You might not be where “the world” expects you to be. You might not be career driven, close to being married or making tons of money, but that doesn’t stop you from becoming more awesome! The world needs more awesome people. People who break molds, spark imagination and create a better world… “What the hell”, do I think I’m Miss America or something?

Know that without a question some of the things about yourself that make you cringe are some of the parts about you that people love most. Pay attention to what people are saying around you. Find those things out and learn to love them. It would be sad for you to miss out on the things that others find so awesome about you!

Now go forth and prosper, I mean, be awesome!

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