The A-to-Zs Of Spec-ta-cleez

The A-to-Zs of Spec-ta-cleez: Introduction

Besides making you look smart, awesome and sometimes like a loser all at once, let’s not forget that glasses also help you to SEE. Duh.  Unless, of course, you’re one of those people who wear the elusive “fake glasses”… in which case, they just make you look like a ridiculous poser.  But whatever, that’s clearly not my problem.

And so we begin our multi-chaptered journey into the world of eyeglasses, the wonderful fashion accessory for the masses. (I just unintentionally freestyled that sick rhyme.)  Glasses don’t care whether you’re rich or poor, black or white – the four-eyed-fashion-accessory takes all kinds, it does!
This ain’t no hat or handbag, let’s be real here – this is a medical device that doubles as a fashion statement.  You can’t say that about a leg cast or a set of braces or a colostomy bag.  Okay, maybe I just took it too far there but let’s face it, you needed that.
The A-to-Zs of Spec-ta-cleez will outline the most iconic eyeglasses and the nerds that have made them famous.  Are you excited yet? I actually sort of am. From Dov Charney to Daria, you cannot deny that glasses make even the most cross-eyed of freaks look at least mildly amazing. For our first post next week, we will start with the letter A and perhaps the most iconic American eyeglass icon, Mr. Woody Allen. Get your clarinets out because you’re in for a dixieland jazz hands, New York moment-ish kind of four-eyed adventure.
Composite imagery via polyvore and brightwalldarkroom

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