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The 6 Best Apps for Crafting

Apps and crafts are two things that most people would certainly not associate with each other. I mean, let’s face it – quite a large percentage of the knitting/crafting population would still check the fruit bowl when asked what if they had a Blackberry. But the number of young knitters and crafters is rapidly growing and I feel it’s my responsibility as a true Teen Granny to alert you to some of the best apps for the angry-birds-playing knitting generation.

1. Knit-n-Count

When anyone meets me one of the first things they notice is that my fingers, hands and wrists are covered in scribbles, tally charts and a bunch of random numbers. This is, as any knitter will know, from trying to keep track of what row I am knitting… and having to focus on knitting and Grey’s Anatomy, and keeping track of your rows is sometimes just too much.  Knit-n-count is the perfect app for exactly this problem. You can keep track of your rows easily and, best of all, it’s got a huge big green button that makes a satisfying click noise every time you finish a row. Yes, it’s true – things like this ACTUALLY make me happy.

2. Cross Stitch Dogs

You know those days where all you want to do is curl up in front of the TV and cross stitch your dog? (I am assuming everyone has those days.) Well, this is the app you’ve been looking for. It comes with about 100 different cross-stitch patterns of dogs. Dogs sitting, dogs eating, dogs barking… It’s kinda amazing!

3. iBooks

iBooks! How could that be an app for crafters? It’s all about books! Yes, this is true, but what most people don’t know (or maybe everyone knows but just never talks about it because it’s kind of boring) is that you can also upload PDFs onto iBooks. I download most of my knitting patterns from the Internet and this handy app means that I can email them all to myself and then download them into my iBooks. Not only does this mean you can access your knitting patterns anywhere you like, but you can also pretend you’re texting one of your very cool friends while you’re actually sneaking a peek at your new knitted mittens pattern.

4. Etsy

If you still haven’t heard of Etsy, then you should really be ashamed of yourself because it’s one of the most amazing websites ever (apart from HelloGiggles, of course). It’s sort of like a handmade Amazon and will make you feel like a domestic crafty goddess after just 5 minutes of browsing. The Etsy app brings all this right to your phone meaning that time spent on the toilet never be boring again.

5. Primrose Bakery

I know this isn’t strictly a crafting app but from my experience, most crafters also like baking, so I think this still counts. There are so many different cooking and baking apps out there but this is definitely the best I have found so far. It’s got the cutest recipes with great instructions, pictures and ingredients lists and it will make you hungry just looking at it. My favorite recipe is the caramel frosting, which I’m thinking I might just make on its own instead of actually making cupcakes.

6. Let’s Create! Pottery

For anyone who read this list and thought it all sounded like way too much effort and you would rather just go back to playing Angry Birds. This app lets you create pots, vases and sculptures with just the tap of your finger and for an added bonus, if you get your boyfriend to stand behind you while you play, you can quite accurately act out that scene from Ghost without having to get your hands dirty.

Images from my phone. 

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