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The 25 Days of Christmas

By the 25th day of Christmas the world had given to me…

25 chocolates from my advent calendar, though two of them mysteriously ‘disappeared’.

24 hours in a day even though I need at least 32.67 to get all my Christmas shopping done.

23 degrees Fahrenheit weather but still no snow. Where’s the magical Christmas snow? Some of us want to make snowmen.

22 fantastic present ideas for people once everything’s been bought.

21 bazillion different places I never imagined could be adorned with fairy lights but I now realise can be.

20 separate, one metre-long bits of tinsel that have to be tied together to make one normal-sized, multicoloured piece of tinsel.

19 Christmas films that I’ve already watched before but I just have to watch again because it’s Christmas!

18 family members at this family gathering who are technically adults but who still have more fun throwing balls of used wrapping paper at each other than they do with their actual presents (myself included).

17 strangers who smiled at me just because it’s Christmas.

16 bits of sticky tape to wrap one present because I am apparently incapable of using a tape dispenser.

15 houses I’ve passed in the car that are all competing for the title of world’s most festive house (which incidentally has the highest electricity bill).

14 little pokes and prods from the Christmas tree, but they’re worth it for that real Christmas tree smell.

13 Christmas jumpers I’ve had to talk myself out of buying as, come the New Year, I won’t wear them.

12 times All I Want For Christmas came on whilst waiting to be served at the till.

11 mince pies (a day).

10 dresses in my wardrobe but still ‘nothing to wear’ to the Christmas party.

9 days spent walking round with Christmas glitter on my face. Where does it come from? No one knows. Why won’t glitter wash off with soap and water? No one knows.

8 glimpses of 8 different store Santas. Which one’s the real Father Christmas, ey?

7 people with whom I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to exchange token gifts with or not.

6 baubles that have mysteriously broken despite the fact they’ve been in a box, untouched, all year.

5 TV programmes featuring primary school children acting out the Nativity, complete with tea towels on the shepherds’ heads.

4 ‘We called but no one was in, please pick up your parcel at the depot’ cards from the postman.

3 arguments about how early is too early to get up on Christmas Day.

2 instances of pigging out so much on Christmas sweets that I feel sick.

And a lovely time with my friends and family.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

By Grace Cox

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