That's Not My Name

I have always loved of television. Growing up, I would watch the credits scroll across the screen with deep seeded jealousy. Who did these names belong to and did they realize how lucky they were? Their names were on TV! They got to be a part of it! It was the greatest accomplishment a TV obsessed kid could imagine.

After college, I was fortunate enough to secure a job on a show. The big night came when my childhood dream would be fulfilled. My name would be on TV! I was a part of it, albeit a minor coffee-fetching part, but a part nonetheless! My parents notified everyone they’ve ever met to tune in and see their daughter’s name. It was a huge deal. Then the moment came. I paused the TV to get a closer look at the name, my name. It read: Nicole Paulhaus. That’s not my name.

I deflated for about a second and then laughed. I came to terms with my name and its various misspellings long ago. It’s not one of those super challenging twenty letter with multiple consonants strung together kind of names. Those are the names people double and triple check to make sure they’ve spelled correctly. My name is just boring enough to not be looked at twice, but spelled oddly enough that it trips people up. In the grand scheme of things it’s really not a big deal. Did the misspelling of my name lessen my accomplishment? Not at all, and it would have been ridiculous to let a silly extra vowel rain on my parade.

Perhaps it is due to the frequent butchering of my own name that I find it crazy when people get infuriated with the misspelling of theirs. I have misspelled many a person’s name, who hasn’t? It happens, people have too many thoughts bouncing around their heads and make mistakes. It’s not personal and it certainly shouldn’t affect your value as a person. You will still be you even if your name is missing its U. Point out the mistake and move on. The misspelling of your name won’t lessen anyone’s view of you, but throwing a hissy fit because of it certainly might.

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