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Lil Wayne’s outta jail and he’s in love, you guys. His new song “How To Love” has been called “the song of the summer” by both Edward and myself, and we have pretty impeccable taste, so you better get familiar. I’m imagining that mad first kisses are going to happen to this song this summer, and if you’re lucky, you might be one half of those kisses. And you know what I want you to think about while you’re pressin’ lips next to some tiki torch with the stone cold babe of your choice? Me. I want you to think of me. And Ed.

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  • Janet Lynn Mckee

    Haha. What a great post and song!! :))

  • Jessica Day

    Oh Weezy. Such a softie. I’ve thought this for a long time due to his twitter :)

  • Liropeya De La Cruz

    This song is so sweet. I agree with Jessica ^ his Twitter really does show a different side of him. Definitely worth a follow : @LilTunechi – when I first started following him there, I couldn’t even believe it was him. Thanks for the share Molls!

  • Iman-Jazelle Bond

    This has got to be his best song like… EVER. No swearing and yelling and killing ppl. No money. No weed. Pure sugary sweetness. Shows another side of Weezy that I LOVE. *Swoon*

  • Ashley Entrikin

    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. He just got out of jail, and he writes a love song? The lyrics don’t even make sense. Good music is dying a silent death. Sorry to you ladies that think that’s a good song, listen to some Frank Sinatra, will you?

  •!/Krishna105 IFRS Presentations

    Truly inspirational, just like, “Maturity begins to grow when you can sense your concern for others outweighing your concern for yourself..”.

  • Miguela Bee

    I thought he wrote this song about a prostitute he’s in love with..

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