That's My Jam!

As much as I’m dedicated to the hip hop lifestyle, I also like to mellow out with moody indie rock. How diverse of me!

This jam, “When I’m Small” by Phantograms is not new (it came out in 2009), but it’s new to me and I can’t seem to get enough. My roommate was the same way about it about six months ago and I know that because I used to hear the chorus coming from her bedroom over and over and over again in the hours leading up to her going to work.

I’d be like, “Damn. Well, Sara has a new favorite song,” and think nothing of it. Silly me! My new jam was right in front of me (or behind my roommate’s bedroom door) this whole time.

This track is perfect for a cruise to the beach or a Sunday morning around the house. You know, when you’re getting your newspapers and bagels on? It’d also be a good “time to get out of my house” tune when you’re trying to wind down a party so you can go to bed.

Phantogram – When I’m Small by Barsuk Records