That Hot Housewives Goss with Edward Hansen & Leslie Grossman Tonight at 7pm PST

Leslie and I were on a Hot Goss vacay last week, but we are back tonight at 7pm PST/10pm EST and ready to dish on all that extra hot gossip from the past two weeks.   Just so you guys know-Leslie Grossman and Edward Hansen (this required a third person reference-I hope you don’t hate me for it) are not one-trick-reality-ponies; we have many tricks up our reality-filled sleeves.

So how about those Mob Wives in Chicago??  They’re all getting pretty slap-happy lately, wouldn’t you agree?  Or how about Hollywood Exes on Vh1?  Did we all watch Jessica Canseco suffer a bout of vegan angst, only to be called out in a very malicious way by Will Smith’s ex, Sheree?

On RHONYC, things are about par (boring-status)-the Countess and Ramona are feuding, and I don’t know about you guys-but I am extremely ready for Aviva to break it down for Ramona (cough-“you’re both white trash”).  Sonja soldiers on with her Miss Havisham routine, and I’m always extremely grateful for Sonja’s tearful revelations and advice on love and marriage.

If you guys have questions, feelings, or ramotions-please send those to with the subject line “that hot goss.”  We love hearing from you, and we hope to see all of you later tonight!