That Hot Housewives Goss Live Chat with Edward Hansen and Leslie Grossman Tonight 7pm PST!Edward Hansen

We switched it up on y’all: we will be coming to you on Thursday at 7PM PST instead of Wednesday this week.  On this week’s episode of “That Hot Housewives Goss”, Leslie and I will be diving into the season finale of the RHOATL, Tamra’s breasts, Gretchen’s singing career, the doomy and gloomy fate of Vicky’s relationship with Brooks and anything else you peeps feel is relevant, okay?

As you all know (or “if you don’t know, NOW YOU KNOW!”), Leslie and I also discuss/gossip about other reality television as well.  Whether it’s Mob Wives or Bethenny Ever After, we’re hip to it, so please feel free to send us any questions or comments on Bravo or anything that peaks your interest really to with the subject line “That Hot Housewives Goss”.

Feel free to tweet at me or Leslie, as well: @TheRealEdHansen (‘cuz I keeps it real) and @MissLeslieG (because she’s a G and her last name is Grossman).

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  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe she is at it again!! Well I am hainedg on over to her blog, I thought I subscribed to her blog but maybe I just follow it IDK anyways hainedg over there.Thanks,

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