"That Hot Housewives Goss" Live Chat with Edward Hansen and Leslie Grossman, TONIGHT!

Hey, y’all!  If there is one thing you should know about me and Leslie Grossman, it’s that we are both willing to go the distance-in the name of ART (and love and reality TV, etc.).   And some of you may be thinking, “What does Edward mean by ‘go the distance’?”  That’s a great question!

Rather than bore all of you with abstract, tangential explanations of my generic statement, I urge all of you to look above and admire that grotesque image of me.  For the record, I was not dressed as a “14-year-old emo lesbian” (as one person lovingly asked me), I was dressed as “Ricky” (Tamra’s gay) from last week’s episode of RHOC.

On last week’s episode of RHOC, dear Ricky dressed up in some seriously tacky ’80s glamwear for a bunco party, and I was so impressed by his commitment to the ’80s that I decided to pay homage to Ricky in a meta-dress-up-dedication to Ricky’s “costume” (or everyday wear?).  And that’s how Leslie and I roll!

Each week, when Leslie and I get together to discuss the Bravo housewives on “That Hot Housewives Goss” (and any other relevant reality television, really), we pride ourselves on coming correct with all of the most pertinent information one would need to know about a group of vapid, sheltered, privileged women who are perfectly content opening up their semi-sheltered lives to us, the viewers.

Above all, Leslie and I both love to have fun and chew the honest cud about our favorite (and not so favorite) Bravo ladies.   As you guys can tell, we take ourselves and our “hot goss” very, very seriously (just kidding) and we love nothing more than curling up in front of a Macbook Pro to share our thoughts with all of you, as well as to hear all of your thoughts on what’s going on in the world or reality television.

In the name of art and reality, Leslie and I urge all of you to send your questions to info@hellogiggles.com with subject line “that hot goss,” or tweet at us (@TheRealEdHansen & @MissLeslieG) directly so we can respond to your questions and comments.

Once again, you can catch us this Wednesday at 7PM PST/10PM EST on UStream or check us out right here on HelloGiggles.  Many, many XOXOs to all of you!


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