That Hot Goss with Edward Hansen and Leslie Grossman Tonight at 7pm PST/10pm EST

Have you guys heard my new hit single, “The Hot Goss is Back in Town” (repeat same verse several times)?  After a long hiatus, Miss Leslie Grossman and I are back to discuss so many relevant reality things.

Awoken from their long, arduous, boring slumber-The Real Housewives of New York have (finally) snapped out of whatever anti-climactic mode they were in to  deliver some much needed drama.  Do we all think “quite frankly, you’re both white trash” was the diss heard around the island on St. Barth’s?

And how about life in Jersey?  How about Teresa and Joe?  Do we all really believe he was talking to someone from “work” when he called him or her “baby” and then proceeded to call his loyal wife some not very nice words of the c-nature?

I’m sure Caroline was loving every single minute of that footage, but for the rest of us-it seemed kind of disturbing, am I right?  On the real, I have no opinions about anything on Jersey until the Queen of Franklin Lakes-Miss Dina Manzo-returns triumphantly to set the record straight.

As always-quite frankly, there is a lot to discuss. And we’ve missed you guys immensely.  So please send us your questions or comments to with the subject line “hot goss” and we will totally respond.  Also, feel free to tweet at me or Leslie on twitter-we’re pretty fun on there too.