That Hot Goss with Edward Hansen and Leslie Grossman tonight at 7pm PST/10pm EST

If you guys are anything like me, you live and breathe the musical legacy of Miss Aaliyah Haughton.  Therefore, I’d like to drop a Aaliyah lyric on all of you to express exactly how I’m feeling right now:

“Its been a long time (long time), we shouldn’t of left you (left you),

Without a dope beat to step to (step to..step to..step to..step to)


I don’t like leaving you guys without a dope beat, or in this case-hot goss-to step to.

On tonight’s episode of That Hot Goss, we have a lot to discuss, but then again-when don’t we have a lot to discuss?

Fortunately, my dearest Miss Leslie Grossman is back, and we are both bursting with divergent opinions on the finale of RHONYC, the first part of RHONJ reunion, the ending of Gallery Girls, the scandalous RHOM, the return of Basketball Wives LA, and even the impending, glorious train wreck featuring a still-not-so-going-strong, SILEX- Couples Therapy. 

As you guys know, Leslie and I don’t limit our reality television obsessive-consumption to just Bravo.  We’ve been around the reality world, and we have a lot to say about it all, okay Honey Boo Boo child(s)?  Y’all best RecLeslie&EDcognize (that probably didn’t make any sense, but it was really fun to write).

If you have any questions or comments-please send to, or feel free to come correct and tweet directly at me or Leslie; and we’ll be sure to hollaback (girls and boys).

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