I love acceptance speeches at award shows. More specifically, I love crying to acceptance speeches at award shows. When one of your favorite actors wins for a project you enjoyed, you feel like you’re sharing that moment with them. And those moments are emotionally vulnerable ones to share.

The collection of acceptance speeches during last night’s Golden Globes was truly spectacular. There were some shocking wins and losses, some tears, some laughs, some cursing, some unexpected admissions, and very well-deserved victories. Let’s take a look at the best thank-you’s from the talented ladies and gents that took home the gold.


Featured image via NyDailyNews


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  1. i would say on the whole the acceptance speeches were QUITE good.

  2. I just watched Jodie Foster’s speech on youtube, and I have to say I have a lot of newfound respect for her. It was classy and modest, but she didn’t take herself too seriously. Makes me wish I watched the rest of the show!

  3. I loved all of these as well, Adele especially, but am surprised not to see Daniel Day-Lewis – he was superb!
    Day-Lewis to Tony Kushner, the screenwriter of Lincoln: “Every day I have to live without the immeasurable wealth of your language, which reminds me every day of the impoverishment of my own.”

    • That was also amazing. I tried to keep it to my top 10, but his was certainly up there as well. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an award show with so many wonderful speeches!

      Chrissa Hardy | 1/14/2013 01:01 pm

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