Thank You For Being My Cat

Thanksgiving is the time of year to give thanks for the treasures we have in life and for the people who make up our friends and family.

I’m a single woman with a very busy schedule, so there are very few people who see me on a day to day basis. I don’t have very much in the way of a constant support network (outside of strangers I meet on tumblr). My cat, however, is always around.

His name is Lucius. Sometimes, he’s wonderful and sometimes he’s horrible. He is, however, always right.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lucius for being my cat.

Thank you for meeting me every day when I get home from work. You’re right. Your day of doing nothing was way better than mine.

Thank you for comforting me that one time I was crying. You’re right. That day really sucked.

Thank you for ignoring me all of the other times I was crying. You’re right. Crying is for wimps.

Thank you for curling up like a bunny rabbit sometimes when you are sleeping. You’re right. If you want to be something you’re not, just pretend to be something you’re not and screw the haters.

Thank you for getting your hair all over all of my clothes. You’re right. People need to know I belong to you.

Thank you for rubbing your shoulder blades against every surface in the apartment. You’re right. Everything needs to smell like you even more than it already does.

Thank you for watching those birds all day from the window sill. You’re right. You need to constantly watch birds because one day they might get ideas about taking over the world or something.

Thank you for being the kind of cat who likes to climb on top of the kitchen cabinets. You’re right. It’s better to always be looking down on people


Thank you for watching America’s Next Top Model marathons with me. You’re right. Allison should win the All-Star Cycle.

Thank you for waking me up at least three times during a night. You’re right. Uninterrupted sleep can only lead to general laziness. Best to be always on alert in case disaster strikes.

Thank you for torturing that mouse that one time with cruel mind games. You’re right. Small rodents should be stopped. And then captured and left on my bed as a prize.

Thank you for lying on my covers whenever I want to make my bed. You’re right. I don’t need to make my bed. I need to dance around my room in my pajamas more.

Thank you for being the weirdest cat ever. You’re right. You have to be weird in order to put up with me. I mean, I start everyday off by dancing around in my room in my pajamas. Most people would find that strange, but you’re my cat. You’re used to it.

So, thank you, Lucius. Thank you for being my cat.


  • Chris Striegel

    this is really sweet, and I feel the same way about my Monty. Best little dude.

  • Catherine Westcott

    My cat also pretends to be a bunny rabbit. I thought I was the only person who thought that sleeping cats occasionally look like rabbits, obviously I am not as weird as I thought.

  • Sílvia Juncà

    I’m sooo writing to my cat asap! :) this was so cute… I’m going back home this weekend afet a 6 weeks absence and well, you can imagine how much I miss her! I want to feelunderstood again :p What would we do without them? :)

  • Jolene Miklas

    Those are some amazing photos! I love the first one, and the onevof him triumphantly laying on the kitchen cupboards. He looks like he has a lot of personality!

  • Whitney Beck

    I feel exactly the same way about my cat, The Pie, and my rabbit, Humphrey. I love them both so much…I love coming home to them and I feel like they are as bizarre as I am ;).

    Your love for Lucious is palpable, he is a lucky cat!

  • Christy Morrison

    sweet! i miss my four cats currently. especially my orange tabby, sophie. she might be a bit bipolar, but she’s the best chubby little snugglebum on a cold day. and i’m pretty sure she’d be much better at leash walking than my dog is. she’s very nosy and bossy, and i think this is just how orange tabbies tend to be, and i wouldn’t change it for the world.

  • Victoria Garcia

    aww that is so sweet! I have to make a thankyou for my fonzy now jaja <3

  • Randi Bergsma

    Awww…. I’m thankful for my cats as well… my evil, plotting cats…

  • Emily Johnson

    HAHa This is fantastic! I recite odes to the cat I had growing up all the time (R.I.P. to my fallin’ cat homie Mason ). Cats have so much personality and they are great and underrated (except to crazy cat people… not unlike myself). ” Cats and women are going to do what they want. Dogs and men need to just relax and get used to it”. I saw this quote it made me laugh :)

  • Bianca Kim

    I was once told that cats and bunnies are like distant cousins to each other and that’s why their hind legs look so similar and are so super soft. I love my Guacamole!! I also really love that I’m not alone in calling him a bunny!!

  • Amanda McCort

    ohhh this was lol funny.

  • June Biswas

    That is so cute Meghan! I can really relate to this as my cat Tinkerbell would so many similar things. The only difference was that while I’d be sitting in my pajamas he would start dancing all around the room in the middle of the night for no apparent reason!

  • Elizabeth Bishop

    I love this! I feel the same way about my cat. I don’t know what I would do without him!

  • Katie Kay Snoad

    I LOVED THIS! and our cats could be twins. I showed the page to my boyfriend before I read it he was like “Joe?” LOL! They are so right.

  • Elizabeth Delane Forbes

    Cat Benatar and Lucius are kindred spirits!

  • Michelle Hupp

    I loved this! It sounds just like my cat Louis<3

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