Although there hasn’t been much snow in New York City this winter (and by much, I mean any at all), I’m still in what I like to call ‘hibernation mode’. Anytime it gets colder than about 50 degrees outside, I slip into the awful habit of eating junk food and sitting around in my sweatpants for as long as humanly possible before having to go outside and face the freezing cold temperatures. While this usually means I spend most of the winter nice and warm, it also means I spend most of it gaining weight I will desperately try to loose in the two months of Spring before swimsuit season. Knowing this about myself, however, this year I am going to try and break out of hibernation mode a bit earlier than normal. I know I know, it is already March after all, but trust me, if I get a stop to this Doritos eating habit I developed over the last two months now, everyone will be better off.

I decided a good place to start my “Spring Training” would be the internet because, well, it’s where I’ve spent most of the Winter. So, in order to motivate myself to get up and work out, I started looking at crazy stock photos of other people working out and assuring myself no matter how crazy I look, it could never be as bad as them.

Here are some of my favorite stock photos of people riding bikes, something I would love to try but am afraid to do on the streets of Manhattan. And before you can say anything, I know a scooter slipped into the photo rotation, but my roommate has a scooter, so maybe it’s a more realistic work out option at this point. Plus I think I can do it on the sidewalk…?

Which crazy stock photo is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

(All images & their captions via Shutter Stock)