Television: A Love Story

One big perk of living with my parents is having cable again. I am a self-proclaimed Netflix addict, which I blame mostly on three things: 1. My former neighbors drunkenly gave me the password to their internet, 2. I couldn’t afford cable and 3. Duh, I’m unemployed and have all the free time in the world.

Recently, however, Netflix has slowly fallen off my radar. I went through an intense Pinterest/Tumblr phase, picked some new favorite colors (light gray and neon orange, if you were wondering), started eating breakfast for dinner every once in a while and began to notice when every late night episode was a repeat (I’m definitely not proud of this). Then I decided that I was getting bored, so I started watching more TV. At first I was scared that my brain would turn to mush, or that I would lose any and all of the little fervor remaining in my desire to find a job and start living like an adult-adult. But I came to realize that TV does more than create violent streaks in couch-potato children and drug addictions in its adult actors. TV can also be inspirational and motivating, and it can show its viewers that there can be more to their lives if they want there to be more.

The following shows have re-lit the I-want-to-start-my-own-company and/or be-a-boss-bitch flame in my heart:

1. Parenthood: I’m going to be honest and admit that I used to be really scared of babies. I was convinced that I never wanted to bring one into the world because I was scared of the pain, and also because the world is kind of iffy these days. But then I fell in love with my boyfriend and saw the whole baby thing in a new, refreshing way. Watching Parenthood has really inspired me to have a big family one day. It seems like a rewarding lifestyle, and I’m always down for rewards. Plus, I have a major crush on Crosby.

2. Smash: Though the season is only three episodes in, I’m a little obsessed with Smash. It’s sexy, fun, engaging, loud, exciting and creative. Debra Messing’s and Katherine McPhee’s characters are both deeply inspiring. I love how passionate both are about their professions and how willing and excited they are to put themselves out there. The show gives me hope that I can accomplish all that I’ve dreamed of accomplishing if I really work at refining my talents and making the right connections.

3. The Voice: This show has seriously changed my definition of bravery. I am so impressed by these people of all ages who subject themselves to the scrutinies of millions of people just for a chance to achieve what they’ve always wished to achieve, and, in most cases, what they live for. I also love how the judges give positive criticism to the performers that don’t make it to the next round. They don’t sit there and laugh at the performers who aren’t as good as the others, and I really respect that. Simply put, the show is genius and has really motivated me to sing more, even if it’s only in my car. It relaxes me and makes me feel happier. Who knew?

4. Property Brothers: This amazing design show suits my HGTV preferences perfectly. It starts with the bros showing their prospective homebuyers the house of their dreams. The house meets all of their criteria and they get super excited because they can picture their entire future taking place there. But then their hopes are diminished when the brothers tell them that the house costs millions of dollars, a price tag that is hundreds of thousands of dollars over the homebuyers’ budget. I know it sounds cruel of me to take pleasure in such a disappointing reality TV moment, but the reason I do so is because it reminds me that I’m not the only person with dreams that seem too big and unrealistic. Thankfully, the brothers make the homebuyers’ dreams achievable by helping them purchase a run-down home that is way below their budget, and using the extra money to renovate it and make it everything they wanted and more. This part of the show proves to me that even though my dreams may not be move-in ready, I can always start something that seems like an overwhelming project to take on, but has an incredible amount of potential to become something beautiful.

5. Ellen: Ellen Degeneres is one of the most generous human beings I’ve ever seen on television, or ever for that matter. If I tried to write about every single selfless thing she’s done on her show I’d end up with a novel, so here’s my favorite moment from this past week. Ellen rewarded one of her biggest fans (a struggling single mom who has the best attitude out of everyone in the entire world) with a house. Yes, a real, life-size house. Need I say more? Ellen’s show has inspired me to be more giving, even if I’m only donating a few cents to an animal shelter when I buy $40 cat food at Petco. It may not be an amazing contribution, but at least it’s something.

Then again, maybe this is just how I make myself feel better about having my TV on 24/7 while I mindlessly search for jobs on the internet. But, as many HelloGigglers have told me, it is okay to take a time out and explore all of my possibilities in the comfort of my childhood bedroom. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a few episodes of Parenthood to catch up on.

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