Teenage WastelandTeenage Girl Problems: Episode 3Mikaela Foster

This week, I talk about girls and self image (and prove the fact that I am a real person). I apologize in advance for the amount of times I say “like”, “ummm”, or “yeah” in this video. Thanks for watching!


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  1. Hey, just wanted to tell you that I really like your articles. You say a lot of the things I think. And I’m glad that there are other people around my age who think that it’s kinda pointless to date when you’re in middle school and who actually come out and say that girls actually ARE self-conscious even when they probably shouldn’t be (or are at least told that they shouldn’t be). And I have never once thought that you were actually and old man.

  2. You are very wise for your age. Bravo my darling.

  3. How do people get a chance to contribute? I’d love to!

  4. Hi Mikaela, I am Cordia. I know self-image is a problem for every woman. Whether they put on weight, or make-up the right clothes or accessories. sometimes they just want to be accepted. I know how that is. When I was your age there was “in-crowd.” Oh to be popular, wait a minute chill out with true friends not fakes. they are the ones that will love you for whom you are inside and out and no matter what way you look.

  5. What you said was so completely true. Yes, deep down inside we know we shouldn’t feel this self-conscious, but it’s just not that easy to suddenly become confident and not care what people think. It’s a struggle and it really does suck.

  6. Good job Mikaela! I think caring about your personal appearance is fair. It means you care about yourself and the image you portray to others. If it doesn’t hurt anyone else and you are not bashing others about how they look, it’s ok. Plus I wish I could get ready in 30 minutes! Haha That is pretty quick! Just a tid bit, I didn’t care at all what I looked like as a teenager. My pictures of my teen years are scary, I dressed like boys that I looked up to (ie. Johnny Knoxville and Mark Hoppus).