Teenage Wasteland

Teenage Girl Problems: Episode 2

I’m 13, so obviously I don’t know much about boys and relationships and all that. I’ve been in a relationship only once my whole life (if you’re not counting the boyfriend you have in kindergarten, because if you are then I guess you could say I’ve been in two). Not to say he was a real boyfriend, though; we made physical contact once (we hugged for two seconds before he ran away) and we went on one date. Regardless, I do know a thing or two about boys that most girls my age don’t know.

The boys don’t treat girls with respect at my school. And to me, its unattractive when a boy is mean. There will be this really hot attractive guy that I’ve noticed, but the second he does something really mean or disrespectful, especially directed to a girl, he’s ugly in my eyes. And he always will be. The reality of today’s generation of girls, though, is that it doesn’t even matter how a boy acts, or his personality, or even if hes a good person, he just needs to be hot, most of the time. A girl is lucky if the attractive guy she choses to date just happens to be a good person too, but come on. He can’t always have it all.

One girl at my school is constantly picked on by the guys about stuffing her bra. The stupid thing about it is that she doesn’t even do it, but she still gets picked on. Once, a boy left some tissues on her desk and said, “I think you dropped these.” It’s really nosy and perverted that the guys do this to her but the annoying thing is that her boyfriend is one of the boys that does it. When I asked him why hes not defending her, considering she’s his girlfriend, his reply was, “It’s not my job to defend her.” Uhhh, yeah, it kind of is? Whats the point in having a boyfriend if he cares more about being cool than you? Most girls don’t get that, though. Its all about having the hot boyfriend. It may be making some girls jealous, but it’s not affecting me.

Picking on a girl for stuffing her bra is bullying. So is boys calling girls sluts, whores and making fun of their appearance. You’d think with all the bullying awareness and bullying prevention assemblies they have, that schools would be more sensitive to this subject. When my mom went to the principal with this, the FEMALE principal said, “Oh, well, boys will be boys.” All across Canada it’s “Pink Shirt Day”. It’s the anti-bullying day where everyone in the school wears pink against bullying. Our school celebrated Pink Shirt Day. Everyone wore pink shirts and we had an assembly about bullying. So why isn’t my school enforcing what they’re saying is bad?

I DON’T UNDERSTAND! What happened?! Did girls lose their entire self respect? Didn’t woman fight for their rights? If we did, why are girls letting boys walk all over us? I’m pretty sick and tired of being treated badly by boys. I can count the amount of guys in my grade that have never once said anything mean to me on one hand. What happened to being a gentleman? Instead of holding the door open for a girl today, he’ll purposely close the door in her face. I’d like to sit down some of the boys in my grade and make them watch a few Ryan Gosling movies to show them how to treat a girl. Everyone says that when a boy is mean to a girl it means he likes her. Its so annoying! I’m not sure if a guy thinks it’s the only way to get a girls attention or they’re all just assholes, but to call her a slut or a whore, or comment on her appearance is not “cute”. I’d rather if a boy liked me to actually get to know me, and treat me like a person.

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