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This teenage girl wrote a children's book about coding for little girls with STEM dreams

Sasha Ariel Alston / www.instagram.com

As little girls, many of us had dreams about being ballerinas, doctors, or astronauts. Many of us had children’s books and toys that inspired us to learn more about our “chosen” profession, allowing us to explore our interests. But for little girls — especially little girls of color — who are interested in the wide world of tech and coding, finding a book that’s representative and inspiring is nearly impossible. And that’s a major problem — especially when it comes to equality in STEM fields.

That is, until 19-year-old Sasha Ariel Alston wrote her book: Sasha Savvy Loves to Code.

The book, which was written and self-published by Sasha and illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton, chronicles 10-year-old Sasha as she goes to coding camp with two of her friends. Sasha, who was introduced to coding by her mom, a software developer, is thrilled when she learns that she can create gaming apps by coding.

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