Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I loved the Twilight series. I’m not even gonna lie like I didn’t. I tore through all four books in the period of about a week, absolutely relishing every poorly written, cliche-riddled page. I spent the first three books wondering why Jacob wouldn’t just get lost, daydreaming about being a vampire myself, and being tortured by my perverted brain, which just kept screaming WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO DO IT?! I loved it.

As we all know, all hell broke loose in Breaking Dawn – some would say the series not only jumped the shark with the final installment, but it did somersaults over a dozen great whites, and I would have to agree. It got so ridiculous that the large pool of suspension of disbelief I’d been employing for the first three books was drained dry (kind of like Renesmee did to Bella, LOL). But even still, I ate it up.

The films, of course, have added a whole other layer of fun to the Twilight experience – which has spawned everything from t-shirts and posters to perfume (I may or may not be wearing the official Twilight Immortal perfume right now… gifted, of course!) – and made the series an interactive one for all of the, erm, shall we say excitable fans.

In any case, with the release today of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, it’s time to reflect on Bella’s experience in Forks. Did she end up with the right person (okay, vampire) or should she have gone a different route and given Jacob a chance? Better yet, should she have run the other way upon laying eyes on these two? You decide.

Cast your vote in our poll below and sound off in the comments section to tell us why!

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