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Talking '30-Day Sculpt' with Core Fusion's Elisabeth Halfpapp

In case you don’t know, Elisabeth Halfpapp is half of the duo behind Exhale Spa (with husband Fred DeVito) and the awesomeness that are their Core Fusion classes. I reviewed their Core Fusio Cardio DVD last summer, which, if you remember, I highly recommended. So I was very excited to get my hands on their upcoming DVD: Core Fusion 30-Day Sculpt. It is described as a complete 30 day workout system, consisting of 6 twenty minute workouts per week (with one rest day.) I’m a fan of anything that encourages you to workout for a month because after that first month, the exercise becomes a habit. Or at least we hope it does. I chatted with Elisabeth about her new DVD, staying motivated to workout and the importance of living a healthy life.

Hi Elisabeth! Thanks for talking with us today.


What was your motivation behind 30-Day Sculpt?

It came out of our guests and DVD viewers wanting to have a program mapped out for them. You know, what can I do in a short amount of time, 6 days a week, for 30 days? Something to get ready for summer, a special event or to keep you on track and to add variety. We mixed and matched a lot of our best-selling DVDs so one week is focused on strengthening, another cardio and another week is focused a little more on the yoga component. You can put the DVD in, workout 20 minutes and you’re finished.

Is this something you designed as a stand-alone workout or should people be adding cardio or yoga on top of it?

This program is pretty intense for all those disciplines. You don’t need to add anything.

It has definitely been intense for me!

It’s hard, but we balance it out.

So what happens after the 30 days?

You can definitely continue on and do the DVD for another 30 days. It’s designed so it’s a rotating four weeks. You can start up again and it gives you that balance of not doing two weeks of the same thing. Or you can also just pop the DVD in and do different segments. Say one day you want to do more cardio or strength; you can play around with that.

Do you have any advice for someone who is just starting to exercise or who may not exercise regularly?

All of our DVDs have modifications for when you’re just starting back or starting out. In general, the most important thing is to try to exercise as consistently as you can. Even if you only have one day a week that you can exercise, try to be consistent with that one day every week. Obviously three times a week is the ideal, and six days if you want to get in to shape more quickly. And remember, even if it’s only ten or twenty minutes a day, just get moving! You’re going to be sore and stiff, and that’s when the mistake is so often made, where you think you’re so sore you can’t exercise. The best thing to do is to get up again the next day or as soon as you can and move because that movement will help remove the lactic acid and take the soreness away. You may stop and start a bit more when you’re sore, but at least you’re moving.

In general are there things you do to stay motivated and keep the workouts fresh? Or advice on not getting bored?

I think variety is important, which is why this new DVD is great. But also, the familiar is important. I had a ballet teacher tell me once ‘You’re going to do the same thing every day, but each day do it a little bit better.’ Sometimes it’s how you approach it mentally, so set small goals for yourself. And six days a week do something (I always recommend one day off). Because once you get into the habit of it you feel good and you crave it.

Yeah, I know what you mean about setting small goals and tackling the same thing. As it gets easier you gain confidence which is very cool.

Yes. And sometimes we over-tax ourselves and we say ‘I’m starting a diet, I’m quitting smoking, I’m going to exercise an hour every day, I’m going to stop drinking.’ And it’s too much! You defeat yourself and then you don’t want to do anything.

Definitely. So be realistic when starting out, then?

Yes. Realistic and moderate.

Moving on from exercise, how important is nutrition for this system or for you personally?

I think nutrition is important for everyone, no matter what you do. Food is your fuel, for exercise, for daily life. And if you’re eating well it also gives you the right mental energy to exercise and go about your day. As opposed to, say, eating a high sugar meal first thing in the morning. By ten o’clock you’ve crashed and spiral downward the rest of the day.

To eat properly and to eat in moderation throughout the day is very, very important. Again, it doesn’t need to be extreme. If you do a three day juice cleanse, or you do a two week retreat and your food intake is turned around 360 degrees, when that’s done how are you going to maintain that? Your diet and nutrition need to be something that is accessible and user friendly. I always say that if you can eat foods as close to local as possible, then you’re heading in the right direction. Then you’re eating fewer ingredients.

That sounds smart to me. Avoid chemicals and other junk that’s so easy to eat.


Well I have one more question and that is: What makes exercise fun for you?

Definitely variety and great music. And you know, when I exercise I always think of the result as opposed to the process and that makes it fun. Because I know I am going to feel so good after my class (or workout) and that everything will be so much better the rest of the day. It’s a lifestyle, exercise and nutrition. It’s taking care of yourself.

Core Fusion: 30-Day Sculpt will be available on April 6th on

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