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Taking Style Cues from Rachel Bilson

To say I was head over heels in love with the television show The O.C. would be an understatement. I completely understand if it was never your cup of tea, but it was mine, and although the final season wasn’t my favorite, I still miss the excitement of watching the scandalous scripted drama unfold week after week. (And maybe I enjoyed being a little (very) invested in Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts’ relationship, as well…Seth and Summer 4 EVER!!1!) Anyway, because of my fondness for The O.C., I naturally started following the careers of my favorite actors from the show and was pleasantly surprised to learn how much of a fashionista Rachel Bilson was (and still is today). She has been known in the past to be one of several starlets who exuded a more boho-chic and vintage-inspired style (like Nicole Richie and Sienna Miller). But over the years, Bilson has gradually transformed into a full-fledged style maven and ultimately an actress who possesses an undeniable appreciation for the fashion world, which is partly reflected in her role as a designer for the popular website ShoeMint. Her style is definitely an enviable one, and if you find yourself longing to take a few style tips from the fashion-forward actress, too, then you’re in luck. This week, I chose four of Bilson’s past outfits and located similar items (all under $100) to draw inspiration from or even use for recreating each of her looks as a whole.

(1. Piperlime – $24.99, 2. Kohl’s – $27.99, 3. Steve Madden – $48, 4. dELiA*s – $29.50, 5. ASOS – $71.53)

As I’ve previously mentioned, Bilson is no stranger to billowy, bohemian style, and I think these bright red trousers add a nice ounce of her signature boho flair to an outfit that emanates a more polished vibe in its entirety. The pants I chose are a straight leg pair from Kohl’s, but if you really want to go the extra mile and rock the slouchy wide leg, Mango sells a bow-tied pair for about $70. A black blazer for the look can be found at many different shopping establishments, but I like this one from ASOS as a viable option. Lastly, a pair of pumps or platforms would be a smart choice for finishing up the look and elevating your style — literally.

(1. ASOS – $89.41, ASOS – $59.61, 3. Old Navy – $10, 4. Target – $34.99)

What color would you call this skirt? At first glance, I thought it was brown, but then I started considering caramel and burnt orange and rust, and well, let’s just say it took me longer than usual to find a substitute skirt I was satisfied with (which is why I’ll also include this option from Yoox in camel). Whatever color the skirt is, I do love it paired with a simple black tank and buckled ankle boots, which all together, create an effortlessly chic and casual outfit for these last weeks of summer.

(1. Lord & Taylor – $40.60, 2. ASOS – $34.06, 3. Target – $16.99, 4. Target – $29.99)

This next look is one that I think can be worn from day to night without changing a thing. Its neutral color palette and subtle sophistication is characteristic of Bilson’s affinity for ensembles that are easily assembled and very wearable, but stylish nonetheless. The only thing I added to the outfit was a large gold watch (a functional and fashionable accessory), but again, the ensemble is more than able to shine on its own.

(1. Macy’s – $44.50, 2. Piperlime – $59.99, 3. dELiA*s – $24.99, 4. eBags – $31.99)

Classic and clean-cut with a twist, this LWD and denim jacket combination styled with an edgy pair of leopard print sandals is an excellent way to shake up your end of summer wardrobe. Bilson’s shoes are her own design from ShoeMint and cost about $52, but unfortunately they are sold out at the moment. I found the pair above on Piperlime’s website, but for a higher cost. Luckily, leopard print is a popular pattern, and there are plenty of other leopard-spotted sandals to choose from online (like this style from ALDO). All in all, the look is a great example of how to add some spice to a frequently worn ensemble.

Although I still mourn the end of The O.C., I’m thankful that I can continue to keep up with Bilson’s impressive personal style, as well as drool over her character’s super adorable (although fictional) fashion choices on The CW’s Hart of Dixie. If you want to voice your love for Bilson’s style or maybe just your love for Bilson herself (or Summer Roberts. Or Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts. I mean, what?), then do so in the comments section! Additionally, feel free to share this on Twitter and/or Facebook!

Rachel Bilson images via people.com (1, 2, 3, 4)