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So THIS is why it takes awhile for a mom's baby bump to go away *immediately*


Pregnancy can be quite a joy, but if you’ve just given birth to your baby — yet still have your belly — you might be a little frustrated when people assume you haven’t given birth yet. While a lot of tabloids show our favorite celebrity Moms going from big bump to slim pre-pregnancy bodies, the truth is that women’s bodies have a tough time bouncing back. And that’s definitely natural, and nothing to get too bummed about.

The problem is, though, brand new moms don’t often talk about it. That’s why Catherine Giudici from The Bachelor, who just gave birth to her son in July, decided to get frank about the topic on her Instagram account by posting a picture full-bump, next to the post-delivery after-bump.

One Week 😊

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The reason why this happens? Well, you can blame your uterus.


See, when you get pregnant, your uterus expands. And unfortunately, it doesn’t just snap back to normal size after you deliver your baby. It takes its time, and there are many aspects about you, as a person, that determines how long that time actually is.

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