In middle school, I got really into baseball. I loved the Yankees and was obsessed with Derek Jeter. I even created my own Jeter jersey by ironing on the design since my dad was unwilling to buy me an expensive baseball jersey. I thought my love of baseball would translate into me becoming a great softball player, but being timid and small prevented that dream from coming into fruition. I was scared of the ball and the other players.

After, I was disappointed and discouraged in myself. Watching baseball just reminded me of my softball failures. But in honor of the 2012 baseball season starting, and in hopes that this will inspire me to gain interest in the sport again, I’ve decided to gather up some of the hottest baseball players for your viewing pleasure.

Are you guys baseball fans? Who are your favorite players?

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    Nice video. It’s a shame that it seems like all card shops folded up arnoud here. Now, if you want to go looking for some unopened packs to pull from, you have to go to Target, MalWart, or the Flee Market. I prefer the latter of the three. It’s still not the same with everyone bothering you to buy something when you go though.

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    Do you have any suggestions of a good book that my boryifend and I could read together? We were talking about our quiet times the other day, and thought it might be a good way for us to get to know another side of eachother. I’m not sure if we’re ready to take on Love and Respect yet, any other thoughts?

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    This would be an awesome gift for David and Ashley. David is one of my best frdeins from college, and Ashley is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. This would be amazing for the both of them!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Cabrera is even in the mix Verlander for sure .but I would take Bautista and even Granderson and Cano before Cabrera this year I look at Grandersons nuebmrs which are the meatiest and then I look at Bautista’s and the difference .Jose walked some 50 times more than Curtis gimme half those as proper plate appearances for Jose and his nuebmrs are monster probably with 5o plus hrs again but because he was on a 4th place team he doesn’t get a sniff I would like to see Verlander or Bautista win but the sportswriters will pick a yankee or red sox ..typical voting from a bunch of knuckleheads who just don’t get it

  • Anonymous

    I remember some of it.Somebody hits the ball.Then he puts the bat on the gruond.The person that catches the ball must roll the ball and make it bounce up from the bat.the hitter must try to catch the ball.if he misses, the person that caught it gets to hit.if he catches it, he gets to hit again.Then its just a continuing cycle.its pretty fun.good lucktake care

  • Hana Fisher

    Ranger’s new pitcher Yu Darvish!!!

  • Taylor Atwell

    Rangers’ second basemen Ian Kinsler is just adorable!

  • Rachel Jackson

    Just one question: where is Joe Mauer in that slideshow?!

  • Marianna Wonder

    Daniel Murphy – Mets.

  • Betsy Murphy

    C. J. Wilson, former Ranger (I’m not allowed to use his current team’s name in my household ;-) )should def be on the list.

  • Grace Gonzalez

    I was absolutely heartbroken last season when Posey was out after that massive tumble at home plate. I’m so excited he’s back! The whole world stops when he’s at bat (because that’s when the catcher’s mask comes off)

  • Gini Strobel

    Dexter Fowler of the Rockies shouls be on the list!!

  • Lauren Bell

    Cole Hamels & Chase Utley – Phillies
    Matt Holliday – Cardinals
    David Wright – Mets

    And I love baseball too. Always have. Probably always will. There is something about sitting in those seats in the grandstand and watching people who are paid way too much throw a great game of ball.

  • Carli Goltowski

    JUSTIN VERLANDER!!!! Love me some Curtis Grandson as well! Great article!

  • Karissa Garcia

    Ian Kinsler and Elvis Andrus. Holla.

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