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Scanning the pages of Dr. Seuss, I tried with all my might to focus on the intricate plot lines of the bow-tie wearing feline and his precocious goldfish but I was a bit distracted. My concentration was elsewhere; specifically, it was on the back of the head of the boy whose desk was inches in front of mine. I marveled at his light-up sneakers, melted upon seeing his auburn bowl cut jiggle each time he turned a page and noted that I was not supposed to have these feelings. First grade was the notorious era when boys were icky and, as the unwritten code of boy/girl ethics stated, the only acknowledgment of their existence us girls were allowed to convey was to stick out our tongues in a boy’s general direction. Therefore, that was just what I did when Dylan, the object of my fascination, swiveled around in his seat. He sure looked adorable when he scowled.

I knew a plan of attack was necessary to complete my mission but the recess bell was fast approaching, which left me with little time. On that note, I tucked away my reading material, sprawled out my crayons and got to work. It was a strenuous stretch of minutes as I scribbled out my plan and, being that we had only covered three letter words thus far, I would have to get creative. Suddenly it dawned on me mid-crayon torrent: tag. For decades, tag had been known as the quintessential way to a man’s heart. If all went as planned, by the end of recess Dylan and I would be sharing the bountiful gifts of love, or at least each others lunches.

Racing out towards the playground, my eyes determined slits, I scoped out the target. I spied him under the slide with his Scooby Doo lunch box glistening in the sun. Debating whether to plop down next to this three-foot-five demigod whose very presence caused an eruption of flutters to dance in my stomach, I chose to play hard to get. Doing what any sensible girl would do, I sat a few feet away and pelted gravel at the back of his head until his beloved eyes locked with mine. Ogling back, I nearly forgot my intentions for I was so lost in the splendor of his slate grey eyes which complimented the fading temporary tattoo on his arm to a tee. Regaining my composure, I charged at him with the skill of a leopard, struck his sleeve with my hand and uttered the two most romantic words I have since said: “You’re it.”

Weaving in and out of children, dodging rocks and cracks in the cement and careening off playground equipment as if we were wild ruffians, Dylan and I played the most epic game of tag there ever was and ever will be. Our legs pumping in unison, it was as if we became one with each other, as if our souls collided somewhere between the monkey bars and the teeter totter to fuse into one. Collapsing under the shadows of a fall day, we giggled between gasps of air. He extracted a package of cheese doodles from his lunch box and outstretched the bag to me. My jaw fell as my eyes grew wide, and I reached a quivering hand into the bag. The sharing of lunch was as good as wedding vows, so I ate the goodies with a satisfied smirk. At one point during this joyous occasion, we reached into the bag at the same time, bumping hands, and shuddered with disgust. I would make sure to be more careful in the future.

Once the treats were gone and all that was left of the memory was the faded orange residue on my fingers, we sat side by side quietly. I like to think we were both pondering over how lucky we were that fate and fatty snacks had brought us together to form this heartwarming relationship, but I caught his eyes transfixed on a line of ants marching beside his feet. Perhaps it brought to his mind the line of children we would have in the future, or perhaps he just really liked bugs. Either way, Dylan and I had such an innocent and endearing relationship that I often disregard the fact that he began to smear dead ant carcasses all over me because I like to remember him as the demigod who shared his cheese doodles with the girl who captured his heart somewhere between the monkey bars and teeter-totter.

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