Synch or Swim? Synchronized Swimming Should Rock Your Socks

“Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Watch this thing I can do in the pool! Mom!”

There is no one on this planet who hasn’t taken the opportunity to turn their swimming pool splashing a step further and organize a synchronized swimming performance for the entire swim club. “Watch my handstand twirl!” has turned into a life dream of winning Olympic gold and frankly I’m not sure how these girls do it. Magic? Maybe they’re born with it? Maybe it’s Maybelline? The sport may not be one favored by still photos but that’s an even better reason to watch it live! Silly or seriously awesome, these underwater beauties should be enough to convince you to check out the Synchronized Swimming Events on August 9th, and 10th!

Can’t get enough of the water ballet or London 2012? Check out the documentary on the USA Team here and follow the HelloGiggles Olympic Fever with the twitter hashtag #HelloOlympics until Closing Ceremonies on August 12th!

 Featured Image via NBC Olympics

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