Sweeten Up Your Space With These 10 Cupcake CreationsDiana Denza

In mere days, I will start calling my very first apartment “home”. If that’s not exciting enough, I’ll get to break out my cupcake clad apron and play hostess for a night during my housewarming party. Though I can’t promise an amazing home cooked meal (more like pizza and soda), my oh-so-lucky guests will score a major sugar rush with a treat (or 10).

In return, if anyone would like to scoop up a little present for yours truly, they might as well satisfy my sweet home goods tooth with these fabulous cupcake creations. Consider this my most wanted list – and with every item under $15, my requests are more sugary sweet than sugar OD.


Sweeter than a Cupcake Manicure Set ($7.99, Modcloth.com)

Because who wouldn’t want to store her nail prep tools in a miniature cupcake?

Homemade Mmmemo Note Pad ($7.99, Modcloth.com)

Perfect for memos and grocery store lists, this little book will make organizing as fun as frosting.

Plush Cupcake Pillow Pink and Blue ($14.50, Amazon.com)

Ensure sweet dreams with a colorful cupcake pillow.

Cupcake Kitchen Timer ($12.99, PerpetualKid.com)

With this on your stove top, you’ll never burn another baked good!

Cupcake Shower Cap ($9, UrbanOutfitters.com)

My only fear is that I’ll never wash my hair again. But for the chicest cap out there, it’s a risk worth taking.

Ceramic Cupcake Soap Dispenser ($14, UrbanOutfitters.com)

We all have that one friend who always forgets to wash her hands. Trust me, all it will take is this irresistibly adorable soap dispenser to get her into a hand washing frenzy. Bid the ick! goodbye for good.

Cupcake Flavored Floss ($4.95, WhatOnEarthCatalog.com)

Yes, I would love to start and finish each day with the sugary taste of cupcake in my mouth. Can you say perfection?

Pumpkin Harvest Cupcake Jar ($12.50, Etsy.com)

Forget your boring old cookie jar; this sparkling creation will look delectable on any counter top –and the orange hue is perfect for fall!

Keep Calm Wall Art ($14.99, Etsy.com)

After the $%^*#@ that was moving, I feel calmer already.

Desperate Cupcakes ($9.88, Target.com)

A must have for the new baked good on the block.


Image via WebNuggetz.


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  2. I want to eat all of these…. a little unorthodox buuut

  3. Here is another super cute cupcake ad designed by some creative ad club girlies. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=156545961075437&set=a.156545944408772.36558.141044459292254&type=3&theater

  4. University of Nevad, Reno’s Ad Club used the same image for some mock-ups for a local cupcakery!

  5. I came very close to buy these cupcake mugs from Barnes & Noble when they were on sale. I regret not doing so… especially as the little cupcake top was a cover to keep your coffee warm. So cute. http://www.flickr.com/photos/kyamamoto11/4341952770/