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Sweden is so good at recycling, they’re going to start importing trash from other countries


You may not know this, but Sweden is really, really good at recycling. In fact, they’ve gotten so adept at helping out the environment, they’ve started taking their neighbor’s trash.

That’s right: The Scandinavian country will soon start importing trash from other countries to recycle it in theirs.

Sweden enacted a national recycling policy that will make any nature lover smile from ear to ear. The policy basically allows for the energy created from trash disposal to be put back into Sweden’s national heating network.

In short, trash energy heats Swedish homes all year around.

Isn’t that amazing? The results have been so spectacular that Sweden is actually running out of trash to recycle.

Most people want to help change the world for the better. And easy solutions are all around us. For example: Did you know there was an environmentally-friendly way to recycle Christmas trees?  Well, now you do. But at the end of the day it’s what people do with the information they get that’s really important. The people of Sweden sure know what to do with their information, and their trash, for that matter.

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