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My sustainable style challenge: I wore one shirt for one week

Sustainable style is on the rise. Championed by the likes of Emma Watson and Priyanka Bose, it’s the much-needed kickback against the unrelenting pace of fast fashion. But ethical labels often come with a big price tag, and that can feel inaccessible to a lot of us. So how can you get involved without a celebrity budget? Luckily, Fashion Revolution Week is coming up, and it provides plenty of inspiration for embracing sustainable style.

Fashion Revolution is during April 24th-30th. It was born out of the tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse of 2013, and aims to encourage transparency within the fashion supply chain by asking, “Who made my clothes?”Additionally, Fash Rev aims to get us to buy less, buy better, upcycle, and appreciate what we already have.

To get involved, I tried a sustainable style challenge to show you just how easy it can be. The challenge: I would wear one shirt for one week, styling it differently each day.

Sustainability doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to go out and buy a whole new organic wardrobe. It just means making more of what you have, and changing those throwaway habits.

I chose my trusty blue collared shirt for the challenge. It was second hand and cost less than $12, but it’s still one of the most frequently worn items in my wardrobe. What I thought was going to be a boring style week turned into a super fun test of my styling skills as I pulled the shirt from my wardrobe each morning and wondered what I could do with it next. My personal photographer (boyfriend…) snapped a photo of my look every morning, so let’s see how I did!


Sophie Benson/HelloGiggles

I eased myself into the week with a simple look, and teamed my shirt with a pair of vintage Levi’s. I think the half tuck makes it at least 15% cooler, but accessories and a flash of color were definitely needed. My pink boots added the color pop that the outfit was calling for, and my corsage choker (made from a hair band) was a nod to Saint Laurent’s fashion week styling. (Corsages are back, you heard it here first!). And finally, I threw on a pair of parrot earrings because, well, why not?


Sophie Benson/HelloGiggles

Since I went for the easy option on Monday, I felt like dressing up on Tuesday. Forget skinny jeans, I’m all about flares. I couldn’t do a simple shirt tuck two days in a row — that would be too lazy. Instead, I fished out a vintage red belt and turned my shirt into a wrap top. Dangly earrings and a few pieces of carefully chosen jewelery tied the mixed colors together. To finish, I stepped into a pair of white ankle boots (it added a hint of monochrome to temper the rainbow palette). I love this look — it feels sophisticated but not stuffy. So far, so good!

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