Surprise! Unfriending People On Social Media Has Real-Life Consequences

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Image via Times Union Blog

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  • Elizabeth Fallon

    There are a few people on facebook at I would really like to delete but would never have the guts because of what it would mean in real life.
    However, I have been deleted by people as my friend count has occasionally decreased, most of the time I have no idea who it was so obviously I wasn’t upset, I do know for sure a few of them but I really couldn’t care less.

    • Nikolina Serdar

      Same here. From time to time I realize that there are less people on my “friends” list but I hardly ever find out who the person unfriending me was…

  • Karen Taylor

    I have unfriended one person on fb that I know locally, haven’t seen him since. But I sent him a message explaining why. He was posting “gay” jokes all the time and I finally told him I wasn’t going to stay friends anymore as I couldn’t put up with the things he posted and thought were funny. Should we happen to run into each other it will be very awkward.

  • Nikolina Serdar

    I hate that social media drama. You can’t even un”friend” people that haven’t been talking to you for ages because they feel hurt about it. I mean, come on, why should I have you on my “friends” list if you obviously aren’t interested in keeping in touch? This whole thing tends to get out of hand sometimes.

  • Meredith Lee

    I had someone unfriend me because I didn’t like My Little Pony. I’m not kidding. This happened a month ago and as you can tell from my picture, I’m not 4….and niether is the person who likes My Little Pony. The person posted something about their love of My Little Pony and asked who else loved it and I made a joke like, “I used to love it but not anymore because I’m not four!” Apparently, this was so offensive that I was defriended.

  • Chelsie Jordan

    I never unfriend people just incase I were to ever run into them in real life, plus it’s kind of mean/rude. If someone’s statuses or pictures are annoying me, I just unsubscribe from their status updates. If anyone doesn’t know how to do this, you just go to that person’s profile, hover your mouse over the “friends” button. (Dont actually click the button just hover!) and a list of options will appear, click on the option that says something like “don’t show status updates in newsfeed.” And if you ever do decide you want to see their status updates in your newsfeed again, you just hover over the friends button click the option again.

  • Clayton M Frazier

    There is also a business way to look at it. If they unfriend me, they will miss out on possible jobs in the future. I use FB 75% for business.

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