Surprise! Chris Brown Is the WorstJulia Gazdag

Some people think Chris Brown is a sociopath. I see him more as half a dozen sociopaths packed into a clown car, arms flailing wildly out the windows, desperate for attention. For one thing, sane people tend to keep from punching others when they get cranky. They don’t spend years unapologetically acting like they’re the victims of a brutal beating they inflicted on someone else. But what they really don’t do is get a giant tattoo on their neck of a woman with a battered face. I’m not even going to go down the road of whether or not it’s Rihanna or just the artist’s interpretation, because it doesn’t matter. The guy has a tattoo of a violently beaten woman on his neck.

For one thing, whatever his intention with it, it’s kind of irrelevant. He’s a public figure, and while he may explain his reasons in an interview, it’s not like there will be a neon sign over his head wherever he goes, quoting that explanation. Seeing as tattoos are permanent and all, this thing is going to be sitting there for years, a giant douche-stamp above the neckline advertising the image of violence against women, way past the time when even people who give a sh*t enough to read an interview with him might know why.

Because even if you give Punchy McGee the benefit of the doubt and assume the tattoo was about remorse (which, just tattoo your therapist’s cell on your hand instead, buddy), it doesn’t change the fact that every time he’s on stage, or on a red carpet, or photographed anywhere, that image is put on a pedestal by default. Because when you shine bright lights on something, wear big golden chains around it, and publish it on shiny magazine pages or big, colourful TV screens, no matter what it is, it’s being made shiny and flashy. It gets the same treatment as all the other aspects of celebrity culture that are admired and celebrated.

Meanwhile, Chris Brown doesn’t even have to see it, unless he happens to be near a reflective surface, looking at his right side. Of course, considering that he won’t let his beating of Rihanna go and keeps trying to make it about himself, that probably takes up most of his time. Does he think it’s ironic, because every time he gets invited to perform at an awards show, no one wants him there? “I know this is why you hate me, but I can wear it as a badge on my skin and strut down a red carpet with it, haters!” That’s not an actual quote, it’s my interpretation of Chris Brown’s thought process. Now let us never venture into his freaky little mind again.

Whatever his reason, that tattoo is just a bad Michael Scott Halloween costume. With so much anti-women legislation going around restricting rights, freedoms, and trying to send us back to 1950, any celebrity touting a beaten woman on his neck – let alone one who’s done that to a woman and publicly refused to show remorse – is guilty of promoting that image and the mindset which brought it about. Yesterday I read an article on Istvan Varga, a member of the Hungarian parliament who stood up and said that because domestic violence happens in the home, it is private and the government need not interfere, and anyway, if women would just shut up and have babies, they would get beaten less often. Right after, I saw Chris Brown’s neck monstrosity. Great news cycle yesterday.

We’re in a bad place in Western Culture right now, as women, struggling to move forward in history against a small but vocal segment of the male population who are trying to push us back. Chris Brown’s neck tattoo is dangling it in front of our face, as if to say, look at what he can get away with, look at where the power dynamic lies. It’s disgusting, infuriating, and a pathetic cry for attention. Your beating of Rihanna, or anyone, is not about you, Chris Brown. Congratulations on pushing the boundaries of douchebaggery into heretofore uncharted territory. You are officially the Voldemort of asshats.

Addendum added at 2:20pmEST: I don’t believe it matters whether or not his tattoo is a Dia de los Muertos one or not. Clearly the image has been construed to be of a battered woman all across the internet, and with Brown’s record, that does not bode well. It doesn’t matter what it is, but how it looks.

  • Nadia Johnson

    Some harsh posts here.

  • Ashley Lane-Guevara

    Im getting so sick of all the liberal cry baby BS posted on Hello giggles. Like this article. While the author made some valid points, her opinions are one sided and annoying! Not sure if I am going to be hanging around this site much longer. What about women who want to have traditional values? This chicks opinion is going to influence many naive young women into thinking like her rather than for themselves.

    • Ashley Lane-Guevara

      I read a comment about men trying to send women back to the 1950’s??? Really where is this happening. Sites like this one and several others are all about women standing on their own with power and support. The author of this wrote “We’re in a bad place in Western Culture right now, as women, struggling to move forward in history against a small but vocal segment of the male population who are trying to push us back.” This reminds me of African American people who were never slaves in their life crying over slavery and being held down. Get over it. Women have just as many rights now as men do if not more. As far as traditional values go, This is for women who like to be at home and take care of their families rather than work and be independent. I have lived both ways and the problem with most people is they want the best of both worlds but don’t realize that it’s not possible. It basically comes down to the whole human nature thing of people never ever being satisfied. Always finding something to moan and groan about.

      • Danielle Martin

        Yikes. Your racism comment was pretty unwarranted, let alone ridiculous. Hey, wouldn’t it be peachy if we as a society could just “get over it”? Sadly, it doesn’t work like that. Anyway, totally not the point of this article or its corresponding discussion.

        I have zero respect for Chris Brown, and actually, this tattoo really doesn’t have a huge part in my decision. I didn’t like him before due to his repeated publicity stunts and obvious lack of remorse. The tattoo is yet another absurd attempt to stay in the public eye, because everyone knows he is not, by any means, an extremely talented musician nor a role model.

        Yep, it’s his body. It was his decision. But because he IS a public figure with at least some influence, it’s pretty clearly a careless and unsympathetic move. What an ass.

      • CaTiE FoStER

        “Women have just as many rights now as men do if not more.” Really? Please enlighten me.

        • CaTiE FoStER

          I’m not touching the other ignorant statements in this comment.

      • Saosan Suhrawardy

        This response is funny. I happen to agree that Chris brown tattoo was in poor taste but it’s his ugly ass tattoo to get on his ugly ass self. Writing about it gives him undeserved attention. But: Firstly, have you really not heard of any of the name-calling and denigration of women over the issues of abortion and birth control? That is happening by people in positions of power? That is, I am sure, what was meant. Secondly, as for our rights, we as American women only make 75% of what men make in the same position with the same experience. Yes, that is more than in some parts of the world, but no, it is not the same. Rape culture, victim-blaming – the existence of these things prove that women do not have “just as many…if not more” rights. (This is a human problem, btw, not only an American problem.) And thirdly to your comment about African Americans who have never been enslaved: that is their history to know and mourn. Don’t be fooled into thinking that racism no longer exists. “Get over it”? Who are you to judge them?

      • Kacie Barton

        Ok, interesting. Dangerous, though to casually clump together a wide range of social issues so flippantly. The 1950’s thing is the widely publicized political condemnation of contraception, which was a big thing back in the 50’s when women were called sluts for being on the pill. Women are still struggling in many ways, including equal pay for equal work, abuse, etc. Let’s not lump that in with racial inequity going back centuries, regardless of how you might choose to live you life. Key word… choose.

    • Kacie Barton

      Can you clarify what you mean by traditional values and how they are not represented on this site?

    • Julia T. Martin

      “What about women who want to have traditional values?”

      …so have them? I’m really sure why you’re so surprised about the content of this obviously left-leaning entertainment site for ‘smart, independent, and creative females’.

      “This chicks opinion is going to influence many naive young women into thinking like her rather than for themselves.”

      YOU GUYS, no one else say ANYTHING! Someone might READ it and then be FORCED TO AGREE because it’s on the INTERNET!!!1112111!2

  • Kelsey Taylor

    “With so much anti-women legislation going around restricting rights, freedoms, and trying to send us back to 1950, any celebrity touting a beaten woman on his neck – let alone one who’s done that to a woman and publicly refused to show remorse – is guilty of promoting that image and the mindset which brought it about.” Thank you.

  • Julia Gazdag

    Thanks for the feedback, folks. Just to clarify: this is an entertainment editorial, which means it’s about thoughts and opinions. As pointed out above, it’s about the significance of the message sent. Seeing as the entire entertainment blogosphere (and anyone who isn’t familiar with the Dia de los Muertos image) construed the tat to be of a battered woman, and Brown’s camp took their time responding with an explanation, I don’t feel there to be any compromise of journalistic integrity. Not sure when posting one article in a blogroll of a daily dozen became focusing on something, but sure? I hope that all the people who had such strong emotional reactions to the injustice of my interpretation felt equally passionate, if not more so, about Brown’s refusal to show remorse for beating a woman bloody.

    • Ashley Lane-Guevara

      Well so many women are so quick the hate Chris Brown for hitting Rhianna but no one was in the car with them and knows the entire truth to what really happened outside of what the media chose to disclose. Obviously there is more to the story is Rhianna herself has been exposed to still fraternizing with him post beat down.

    • Erica Jazztastic

      We have all said mostly that we seriously dislike chris brown. I actually made that known in every post that I posted. I stated that going for that tattoo, felt like grabbing for straws at something that isn’t there. Chris Brown is a total asshole, and he doesn’t deserve to continue to be put in the limelight. When people jump on bandwagons to discuss things he is doing, that is putting the focus on him again, which means if you want him to go away as a celebrity. Making him the most talked about celebrity whenever he does something isn’t going to work. I think if you would have just said that you are tired of seeing him all over the place, or people making a big deal whenever he does something. People would have related more to that. Pointing out a tattoo that he has on his neck, that goes with a Mac Cosmetics ad.

      I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about the mac cosmetics ad, since you are such a responsible blogger. I’m sure you took the time to know everything you could know about the tattoo, or what it was based on. With that being sad are we going to boycott MAC Cosmetics for making a piece of art that looks like Rihanna being beaten up? Because since it’s their picture. They are partially to blame. Right?

  • Sam Salonen

    And what kids remember Eminem or Hasselhoff? Like kids that are 16 or younger? Rihanna is a big star right now, and Chris Brown is her kind-of-known ex-boyfriend/singer(? I’ve never even heard his music…) and this is still fairly new news, so i guess that’s why we’re focusing on them. But yes, there are other douchebags in the world too.

  • Sam Salonen

    I didn’t read all the comments here, so i’m sorry if this was already said, but the feeling i got from the article was that, that man is a celebrity, some people like what he is wearing, some people like his music and some people think he’s cool, and some of those people might see that as a Rihannas beaten up face… which might mean that they think it’s cool.
    When a kid sees his face and the tattoo (that he sees as a beaten up woman) in the glossy magazine cover, what message he gets? He might learn to think that men that are powerful and violent are cool. And yeah Chris Brown has the right to tattoo whatever on his body, but i _guess_ she (and i) was just worrying that it glorifies domestic abuse… Now, it could have been said shorter and in a different way, but this was her way and i think she had the right to it. And i don’t think this article gives him that much attention that he somehow benefits it, but we should just talk about domestic violence and how shitty that is and so start to feel stronger (and give other women strength) to not go back to those shitty violent men.

  • Meagan Leigh Bridges

    What about other past celebs?? Eminem or David Hasselhoff?? Yeah, both were investigated for domestic violence. It’s more than a Chris Brown problem…it’s a deep-rooted problem in society. Society has made sexual violence look okay, and regardless of awareness or not, it is glorified. Rihanna’s own music speaks to that: S&M, Rude Boy, Love the Way You Lie….and many other examples in her songs. I don’t see why she would even agree to sing these songs, seeing as she was a victim. It’s absolutely ridiculous and quite frankly, lessens my sympathy…if you’re gonna take a stand, then do it! Set an example!

  • Chrissa Hardy

    “I reject Chris Brown’s comeback, Lemon OUT.” Need we say more?

  • Camille Jaravalero

    “It doesn’t matter what it is, but how it looks.” What an insightful conclusion. Just go ahead and disregard your ignorance; that’s how you make a statement. By the way, people think this is a battered woman because the media (the same people who try to tell you about this one scandal and this other controversy) hopped on the image and decided it would make a great header for a celebrity picture slideshow. Is Chris Brown an all-round asshole? Yes, no doubt. But this empty piece just sounds like a teenager writing in her burn book.

    I’d also like to add that I’m suprised a rich guy like him couldn’t hire a better tattoo artist…

  • Will Ross

    “Addendum added at 2:20pmEST: I don’t believe it matters whether or not his tattoo is a Dia de los Muertos one or not. Clearly the image has been construed to be of a battered woman all across the internet, and with Brown’s record, that does not bode well. It doesn’t matter what it is, but how it looks.” – You

    “We will not have our campaign dictated by fact checkers.” Mitt Romey’s campaign.

    Congrats! You’ve found sub-Romney! I like how you’re all “I don’t care what it is or why, the point is that people on the Internet FEEL like it’s something else, and that makes what actually happened irrelevant!!!” Yes, Chris Brown is a douchebag, no, that fact does not make you above journalistic standards.

  • Elaina Davis

    I like to play a game called “Chris Brown isn’t allowed in my car.” How it works is whenever one of his songs come on, I yell Chris Brown isn’t allowed in my car! And change the station. I think more people should play.

  • Ana Lugo

    As a Hispanic-American I’m appalled that people think this is a Dia de los muertos sugar skull, it looks nothing like it!! It’s obviously a woman.
    It’s a woman, you guys, don’t make excuses for this asshole. seriously, can we stop making excuses for him? also, can we please stop paying attention to him? His behavior will continue as long as it keeps getting a reaction…

    • Erica Jazztastic

      It’s a mac cosmetic campaign. No one is making excuses for him. Seriously it’s a horrible tattoo based on a campaign by mac cosmetics. Here is a link of a side by side photo that shows they are identical

      So if we are going to go off on Chris Brown about this tattoo, then we need to also go off on mac for having a picture that looks like beat up Rihanna. If we want to get that deep about it. how about we stop wearing mac products all together because even though they make awesome Make up. It’s their campaign.

      Again so many things we can be pissed at Chris Brown for. Being pissed about a stupid tattoo, and saying he is lying. Even though the proof is around that he isn’t lying. Is bs. Again I’m not a Chris Brown Fan, but I am a Fan of having the correct facts. I want to make sure I’m angry about the right thing.

      If I was to get angry about this like everyone else is getting angry about this. That means I would have to stop using mac make up also. That would make me angry, because their lipstick is EPIC!

      • Will Ross

        And that link would be “game.” Seriously, there are so many good reasons to dislike Chris Brown, do we REALLY need to make new ones up?

  • Stephanie Archibald

    It is a really bad tattoo is what it is. It is the worst interpretation of a sugar skull I have ever seen. It looks nothing like one. That dude has millions of dollars and goes to the worst tattooist in the states. It looks like a 12 year old drew it. Seriously, everyone Google sugar skull tattoo and see if you can find anything that resembles Chris Browns shambles of a tattoo.

  • Rachel Gosselin

    This article ties into a video I saw a few weeks back. If any of you follow The Needle Drop on youtube you may have seen a video he made talking about “assholes” in music. The question was brought up of whether or not people should still listen to the music of people who do bad things in real life, such as the case of this article or the similar story about Surfer Blood’s frontman. Personally, I feel that just because Chris Brown did these horrible things that people should not let that affect how they view his music (not that I ever felt it had much artistic merit to begin with). However, most people probably shouldn’t view his choices in a very good light.

  • Dave Proteus

    Now, let’s take an alternate point of view… Let’s say for the sake of argument that that is indeed Rhianna’s image with half her face as a sugar skull. Who’s to say he didn’t do it as a form of penance. We know that he and Rhianna have reconnected and are still friendly. This could, in fact, be his scarlet letter. Before you judge, think.

    • Natalie Tracy

      Interesting theory. It’s also possible that he just wanted to get a cool neck tattoo. Turned out horribly, but hey, it’s not my neck so who cares?

      • Dave Proteus


  • Emm Spring

    Being the sociopath he is, I think he just wants everyone to think it is Dias de los Muertos. Honestly, I think he’s trying to act like a badass and display what he did. Whatever it is and whatever the reason, he sucks. he’s just another narcissistic sociopathic lunatic!

    • Natalie Tracy

      Welp, the doctor here just made her diagnosis so I guess that’s that. You clearly know better than anyone else what his motives for getting his tattoo were. Thanks for clearing that up for everyone.

  • Emm Spring

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  • Dave Proteus

    If any of you are members of tumblr, I invite you to hop on there right now and peruse the art sections of it. If you do so you will see that a very prevalent form of art right now are women with their faces painted as sugar skulls. It’s literally all over the place. Seriously. So… Why would someone want to take popular imagery and have it tattooed on to their body? I dunno, how many people posting here today have one of those nautical stars tattooed on their bodies? Hmmm? OP? I don’t like Chris Brown. I’m not a fan of his music. But this? Really? There aren’t enough GENUINE things for you to be angry at this man for? Please do give me a break.

  • Joanna Trask

    This article is fantastic. Violence against women needs to be discussed. I work in a non- profit organization that does Advocacy for victims of sexual assault and relationship violence. All of my clients are YOUNG women and men. The fact that he is a public figure and that his tattoo can be misconstrued as a beaten woman NEEDS to be discussed. I see so many young women come in every day who struggle in abusive relationships and any kind of glamorization in the media or dismissal of violence against women in pop culture is so harmful to them. I don’t care if this is giving him attention, he doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is that because of him this topic is being discussed. In my ,State, alone in the past year, 32 people passed away as a result of relationship violence. 22 of them were women, 6 were children, 2 were men, and the rest were people who attempted to intervene on their behalf. These are just the statistics where relationship violence was the CLEAR cause and this does not include the cases that do not get reported because of the stigma involved. By debating the importance of Chris Brown we are ignoring the big picture. That because of his celebrity he needs to be made an example of, domestic violence is nothing to make light of. His tattoo may be a Dia de los Muertos skull it may be a battered woman. Yes, he may be getting attention for it but I can guarantee that it is negative attention and rightly so. We need to have younger generations learn that NO ONE can get away from the repercussions of Relationship Violence and that it is something that needs to continue to be addressed.

    • Ramou Sarr

      Yes, I totally agree that we need to have a more open discussion about domestic violence. But this article isn’t doing that. I’ve yet to see any information regarding support for domestic violence victims, or ways in which one can become more involved in raising awareness, or community involvement in domestic violence education in this thread. If we want to talk about domestic violence, then let’s do that. But let’s not use Chris Brown’s tattoo as the jumping off point to do it or use our rage over his tattoo as our only “activism” against domestic violence.

    • Natalie Tracy

      REALLY? Way to hijack the discussion. No one is downplaying domestic violence here. I don’t think his tattoo should be being discussed at all. It’s his neck and if he wants to tattoo a flying purple corn cob on it, he should be able to do it without anyone opening their big mouth.

    • Erica Jazztastic

      People aren’t saying that he should get away with violence towards women, but I want to know. What punishment do you feel Chris Brown should get? Because I think he was arrested, and he was taken to court. What else do you feel should have been done to him, and this is an honest question.

  • Bowzer Black

    Stopped reading after “But what they really don’t do is get a giant tattoo on their neck of a woman with a battered face” It is a female face with a half sugar skull. You would think someone would look into something before posting total BS and there own opinion on something or someone. You can google mac and sugar skull and find the image he got the idea from. I am not a fan of the guy but at least get the story straight before posting crap about him.

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