Surprise! Chris Brown Is the Worst

Some people think Chris Brown is a sociopath. I see him more as half a dozen sociopaths packed into a clown car, arms flailing wildly out the windows, desperate for attention. For one thing, sane people tend to keep from punching others when they get cranky. They don’t spend years unapologetically acting like they’re the victims of a brutal beating they inflicted on someone else. But what they really don’t do is get a giant tattoo on their neck of a woman with a battered face. I’m not even going to go down the road of whether or not it’s Rihanna or just the artist’s interpretation, because it doesn’t matter. The guy has a tattoo of a violently beaten woman on his neck.

For one thing, whatever his intention with it, it’s kind of irrelevant. He’s a public figure, and while he may explain his reasons in an interview, it’s not like there will be a neon sign over his head wherever he goes, quoting that explanation. Seeing as tattoos are permanent and all, this thing is going to be sitting there for years, a giant douche-stamp above the neckline advertising the image of violence against women, way past the time when even people who give a sh*t enough to read an interview with him might know why.

Because even if you give Punchy McGee the benefit of the doubt and assume the tattoo was about remorse (which, just tattoo your therapist’s cell on your hand instead, buddy), it doesn’t change the fact that every time he’s on stage, or on a red carpet, or photographed anywhere, that image is put on a pedestal by default. Because when you shine bright lights on something, wear big golden chains around it, and publish it on shiny magazine pages or big, colourful TV screens, no matter what it is, it’s being made shiny and flashy. It gets the same treatment as all the other aspects of celebrity culture that are admired and celebrated.

Meanwhile, Chris Brown doesn’t even have to see it, unless he happens to be near a reflective surface, looking at his right side. Of course, considering that he won’t let his beating of Rihanna go and keeps trying to make it about himself, that probably takes up most of his time. Does he think it’s ironic, because every time he gets invited to perform at an awards show, no one wants him there? “I know this is why you hate me, but I can wear it as a badge on my skin and strut down a red carpet with it, haters!” That’s not an actual quote, it’s my interpretation of Chris Brown’s thought process. Now let us never venture into his freaky little mind again.

Whatever his reason, that tattoo is just a bad Michael Scott Halloween costume. With so much anti-women legislation going around restricting rights, freedoms, and trying to send us back to 1950, any celebrity touting a beaten woman on his neck – let alone one who’s done that to a woman and publicly refused to show remorse – is guilty of promoting that image and the mindset which brought it about. Yesterday I read an article on Istvan Varga, a member of the Hungarian parliament who stood up and said that because domestic violence happens in the home, it is private and the government need not interfere, and anyway, if women would just shut up and have babies, they would get beaten less often. Right after, I saw Chris Brown’s neck monstrosity. Great news cycle yesterday.

We’re in a bad place in Western Culture right now, as women, struggling to move forward in history against a small but vocal segment of the male population who are trying to push us back. Chris Brown’s neck tattoo is dangling it in front of our face, as if to say, look at what he can get away with, look at where the power dynamic lies. It’s disgusting, infuriating, and a pathetic cry for attention. Your beating of Rihanna, or anyone, is not about you, Chris Brown. Congratulations on pushing the boundaries of douchebaggery into heretofore uncharted territory. You are officially the Voldemort of asshats.

Addendum added at 2:20pmEST: I don’t believe it matters whether or not his tattoo is a Dia de los Muertos one or not. Clearly the image has been construed to be of a battered woman all across the internet, and with Brown’s record, that does not bode well. It doesn’t matter what it is, but how it looks.

  • Molly Ann Magestro

    I second this post.

  • Abbey Prentice

    I couldn’t have said it better myself! I think you should do a follow-up piece on why Rhianna keeps going back to this pathetic excuse of a human being. Come on ladies! We can all do soooo much better!

  • Brittany Woodell


  • Megan Martinez

    I hate the dude as much as the next girl but his tattoo isn’t a battered woman. Its a dias de los muertos/day of the dead face.

  • Codo Dressel

    Uhh, you DO realize that isnt a beaten woman right? I stopped reading after that horribly opinionized bull shit lol. Its a woman whos face is half dead. Not beaten lolol

  • Ramou Sarr

    There’s been a lot of talk that the tattoo is supposed to be a sugar skull and a nod to Dia de los Muertos, and I tend to believe this. It seems like a reach to say that that is supposed to be Rihanna, but we’re been really successful to try to paint Brown as the only celebrity abuser ever. (This is not to minimize his actions, but we tend to spend a lot of time focused on Brown and no other domestic abusers or the surrounding issues of abuse and the cycle of violence, victim blaming, etc.) Maybe I’m being too nice here, but I don’t think Brown is that much of an idiot to get an abused woman tattooed so visibly on his body. Maybe? Hopefully? Ugh.

    • Ramou Sarr

      *really successful at trying to paint* GAH.

    • Lissell Paredes

      Agreed. I hate that dbag more than anything but one also has to see things for what they are. That is NOT a tattoo of a battered woman. It’s a half skull/half girl and they showed the artwork it’s based on.

  • Rachel Hintz

    This is so disturbing. And all he gets for this is more publicity.

  • Rachel Hintz

    And whether or not it actually is of a beaten women, it can be mistaken easily for that. If he had any brain he wouldn’t put a graphic that even resembles a beaten women. He is getting buzz for it, and I am sure he is not surprised.

  • Erin Iacavone

    Whether it’s actually a beaten woman or it’s a Dias de los Muertos tattoo, it’s still a woman with her face scarred, battered, and bandaged. Either way, it’s in bad taste. Especially for a man with a history such as his. If he wanted to represent Dias de los Muertos, he should have picked a different skull/face to do so.

  • Jac Sanchez

    He should tattoo something on his face that says RESPECT WOMEN. Anyway, I didn’t think it was Rihana when I saw it. Yes, the neck tattoo is gross but, I immediately thought it was a skull. Whatever the reason, I completely agree that it was a poor decision. Here is another explanation:

  • Sarah-Jo Archbold

    Whilst it is supposed to be a day of the dead tattoo, the split second I saw the neck tattoo my first thought was “what the f**k, is that a tattoo of rihanna beaten up?!” (that or a similar resemblance to rihanna herself) Although I know that it is not the case it still makes me think of that whole situation, as if the tattoo itself is a big neon sign reminding everyone of what he did and how he showed absolutely no remorse whatsoever. It’s in incredibly bad move on his part considering the circumstances and the fact that he’s in the public eye – I would’ve said that he should have thought about this beforehand but I think we’ve all established that chris brown is an attention seeking, immature excuse of a man and human being with no moral compass or common sense.

  • Natalie Tracy

    I’m no Chris Brown lover, but this article pisses me off. It’s pretty clear the tattoo is not a beaten woman. If you mistook it for one when you saw a single, distorted image of it (his neck is all turned/wonky), that’s your problem. Then you went on to write an entire article about your misinterpretation without spending any time researching the facts? It is crystal clear that you are terribly biased. As such, you immediately saw what you wanted to and are now promoting a warped view of reality. Congratulations on being a tool.

    • Britt Bulens

      Natalie, it’s actually not at all “clear” that his tattoo is not a beaten woman. In fact, when most people look at it, they will immediately assume it is of a beaten woman (since that is exactly what it resembles)….. On another note, I was just reading through the thread here and I’m still shocked that you defend Chris Brown’s choice and then call Julia a “tool.” I don’t like to argue on these things but you really got my blood boiling. Your comment is infuriating. Also, Chris brown is the Voldemort of asshats.

      • Natalie Tracy

        I’m sure you’ll get over it. There are more important things in life to get yourself worked up over.

      • Natalie Tracy

        I’m not arguing whether Chris Brown is an asshat, or the Voldemort of Asshats. I’ve plainly stated a couple of times that I am no Chris Brown fan. Yes, he is guilty of domestic abuse. I know this. If the world was a giant cat, he would be the dingleberry clinging to it’s butt fur. What I’m saying is it’s HIS neck. If he wants to get an ugly tattoo, it’s no one’s business. I think it’s WRONG to slander someone based on an incorrect/biased personal interpretation of a tattoo. If you read the rest of the comments so clearly, you would have also seen that it was CLEAR to NUMEROUS other people that the tattoo does not look like a battered woman — it looks like a bad tattoo. Maybe it’s because I have several tattoos and have a passionate interest in that culture. I saw exactly what it was supposed to be when I looked at it and thought, “Wow, that’s too bad. Glad that’s not on my neck.” Everyone is so caught up in continuing to punish this guy that they immediately jump to the worst conclusion they can. Then when someone doesn’t agree, they get branded as a Chris Brown Lover. I don’t love Chris Brown, but I will continue to support his right to get whatever he wants tattooed on his body and to not have to be punished for the rest of his life for a bad mistake. I do not generally wish negative things on others, but I do hope that someday all you haters make a mistake and that there is at least one person who never lets you live it down… just so you can see how it feels.

  • Chloe Sparks

    I am so disappointed in HelloGiggles for letting this piece be published here. This is nothing but over opinionated, uninformed, poorly written slander….and I don’t even care for Chris Brown at all…less than even. We all know what he did, yes, but if you are going to just disregard facts in order to have a rant then keep your rant to yourself. There are worse people with worse tattoos in this world.

  • Jamie Lynn Natole

    If it’s supposed to be a “Sugar Skull” for honoring the day of the dead… I think he needs a better tattoo artist….

  • Jamie Lynn Natole

    Or a better story as to what the tattoo actually means…

  • Haley Jordan Jones

    “Voldemort of asshats” has to be one of the greatest things I’ve ever read or heard in my entire life.

  • Jena Evans-Turnbull

    It makes me absolutely crazy that people feel the need to stand up for Chris Brown. This article is great. Whether or not it’s supposed to be a battered woman, Rhianna or some day of the dead bull shit, he is as you quoted “Voldemort of asshats” and those who feel the need to support him, I am afraid are WORSE.

    • Natalie Tracy

      Let me know how the propaganda is, because you seem to be eating it up. I don’t care about Chris Brown. I just intensely dislike writers that spout off before doing any research, then cook up a crock of blatantly biased BS that most people will gobble up without bothering to think twice about whether what they just read was correct or not. “It’s on the internet, so it MUST be right.” I personally think Chris Brown is a total turd, but “it makes me absolutely crazy” to see people applauding this garbage. If you think this article is great, you should try reading a book sometime. And I don’t mean the romance novels they sell at the grocery store.

    • Chloe Sparks

      For me, it is not supporting Chris Brown but the fact the situation is being spun in a direction to suit the media’s agenda. No one would be talking about this had he not hit Rhianna. That is why I am annoyed. Eminem has a tattoo of a vicodin tablet…i don’t see an article slamming him for promoting drug use. Millions of people around the world have tattoos of guns, naked women, white supremisist symbols, and hate slogans which they display proudly, are probaby guilty of much more than Chris Brown but because he is a public figure there is this assumed right to release articles like this.

      My point is…if the author walked past this tattoo the street on a stranger and not on Chris Brown, this article would not exist.

    • Natalie Tracy

      And who is the worse person? The one who dares to think for themself, or the person who chastises the free-thinker(s)? Do the world a favor and broaden your mind a bit. The world is full of people with many different opinions. You are not always right and you are not better than anyone else because you think a certain way.

    • Erica Jazztastic

      It’s not standing up for Chris Brown. It’s saying who gives a f&%$ about chris brown enough to make an article about his tattoo. Seriously he doesn’t need the attention. You are making something out of nothing.

  • Shanna Hamilton

    I think there is too much of an uproar about this article. The point she’s trying to make is, whether or not it’s a beaten woman, which I get it, its not supposed to be, it’s very easily perceived as that. Especially with the stigma that Chris Brown has now. And that’s the problem with tattoos. When there’s a story or an indepth explanation in them, well, it’s impossible to give that explanation to every person who lays eyes on it. Like a holocaust survivor or WWII vet getting an intricate tattoo to tell a story. A random person who glances at it, and sees a swastika… Well, their minds are going to wander. People see something like that and make a snap decision. When getting a tattoo you really have to think about that. What’s meaningful and empathetic to you may not be so easily understood by someone else. Especially being a ‘villain’ in the public eye. In a word where if someone takes a photo of you pointing at your dog saying ‘no’, magazines go out saying you stomp puppies and make sweaters out of them. He just had to of known this discussion would happen. He just had to. Especially when it’s such a poor, warped execution of its actual intent. But unfortunately even if it was perfectly done the symbol just easily connects to what people ink of Chris Brown. Going from a day of the dead skull of a woman, to Rihanna’s battered face, is easier than 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. He should have known that whethers it’s purposturous or not.

    • Chloe Sparks

      But that is my point. If this author was to go and take a real life example of someone with a tattoo she found offensive, someone who is not a public figure, and write an equally as abusive and opinionated piece then I would say “ok this person judges by tattoos” or if she had written a piece against Chris Brown because he hit his partner then fine, he did that. But the tattoo as an argument for who he is as a person and what he did in the past is sophistry. He is a pretty rotten guy yes, the article is a poorly justified personal attack the author really has no right to make. Hence I stand by my original statement that perhaps it was not the best idea to publish this piece here.

      • Shanna Hamilton

        But that’s the thing though. She has every right to make the point, and write an article based completely on her opinion no matter how biased it may be. Just like you and others have the right to dislike it and based on it call her a rubbish writer and even call her a tool. This is, after all, HelloGiggles. It’s not the New York Times or a published biography of Chris Brown. Its not credited as the most intellictual, most factual and reliable news site. It’s an open forum for yes serious issues and debates, but it’s also about gossip and chatter; about cute things and crushes, and OMG can you believe Kim K wore that?! This article is not going to change anyone’s life. And people are making such a big deal that she has such a heated nasty OPINION about it. So how is anyone else getting heated and nasty about her opinion any different? Or getting heated and nasty and commenting sarcastic rude things to other peoples comments any different?

        • Emily Kreider

          Brown is in the public eye and therefore VERY aware that he is open to public scrutiny. The wonderful author of this post has every single freaking right to slander A TERRIBLE PERSON. I don’t really know why the emphasis of some of these comments are placed on “the poorly written article” when the content is about A TERRIBLE PERSON. Apparently people just really enjoy defending terrible people.

          • Chloe Sparks

            “Brown is in the public eye and therefore VERY aware that he is open to public scrutiny. The wonderful author of this post has every single freaking right to slander A TERRIBLE PERSON. ”

            Actually legally, no the author does not, no matter how ‘wonderful’ she is. When I use the term slander I am referring to the inaccuracies in the article, where she just ignores the fact that this image was already in circulation with the MAC make up company. That is misinformation. And yes, Chris Brown is in the public eye, but what people seem to forget too often is that – wait for it – celebrities are human. Just because they have a job where they are known, it does not make them exempt from being human, being stupid or being a down right crappy person.

            “I don’t really know why the emphasis of some of these comments are placed on “the poorly written article” when the content is about A TERRIBLE PERSON. Apparently people just really enjoy defending terrible people.”

            The reason my comments focus on the article is because I am in no way going to attack the author personally. That is in no way my intention or point to commenting on this piece. I do not know them. I am not saying she does have a right to her opinion at all, what I am pointing out is that her opinion is almost based on her opinion. If you are going to produce something like this you need to be unbiased to the facts at least. This article bothered me because as I stated earlier her use of the tattoo to justify her ultimate opinion of Chris Brown was sophistry. If Chris Brown had got the same tattoo in the same place, but had NOT hit Rhianna, we would not be here. No one would have even blinked at the image.

            If Chris Brown had come out and said “This is a beat up woman on my neck, I got it so people know what I am capable of…” THEN this article would be justified. I would be the first to say “even more of a douche than I though…” But he did not. The image was pre exisiting.

            I am Catholic but I have several ancient Egyptian symbol tattoos – do you think people have the right to call my faith into question over my tattoos simply because they appear to promote something else? People can ask – sure – but just make a call and voice an opinion while ignoring facts – no.

            My last point – the addendum… “It does not matter what it is but how it looks” I am sorry but your opinion is not above the truth.

  • Erica Jazztastic

    The Whole Chris Brown thing is a very touchy subject.
    I’m in no way a Chris Brown supporter, and I think what he did to Rihanna is horrible.
    Because of that I have chosen not to buy his music.
    I do accept that there are other’s that still like his music, and that’s their right to like it. Just like I have the right to not purchase his music.
    I’m not in the position of telling this man what he can and can’t do.
    I also don’t expect him to leave off the face of the earth forever and be forced to live in space solitary confinement.
    That doesn’t make sense to me.
    I understand that we are angry at him, and those of us that are angry at him just don’t listen to his music.
    I don’t think we have the right to tell him that he can’t be anywhere, or do anything because we don’t like him, And we think he is a horrible person.
    Now as for the tattoo, it is from a day of the dead art picture. To tell him he doesn’t have the right to like a picture and to get it tattooed on his body is invading his rights as a human.
    He can get whatever he wants tattooed on him, that’s his right. So to continue this, let’s watch everything Chris Brown does, and over analyze it for sensationalism is bs.
    Just continue to worry about you, and not buy his music.
    That’s what I’m doing. Once again.
    I Do Not Support Chris Brown! So that is clear.
    P.S. When articles like this are written about him it gives him more attention then if they aren’t written. If these articles aren’t written, then he gets no attention. Just Saying.

  • Bowzer Black

    Stopped reading after “But what they really don’t do is get a giant tattoo on their neck of a woman with a battered face” It is a female face with a half sugar skull. You would think someone would look into something before posting total BS and there own opinion on something or someone. You can google mac and sugar skull and find the image he got the idea from. I am not a fan of the guy but at least get the story straight before posting crap about him.

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