#Superbowl Reporter Vs #49ers Fan

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Superbowl Edition!

Orlando TV reporter Jessica Sanchez was apparently over having to cover Bourbon Street for her station. I get it, drunk people interrupting your stand up. You are working and they are messing with you.

Well, Jessica had had enough and decided to throw her career out of the window get revenge on a rude 49ers fan.

  • Samantha Murdock

    I think that this is hilarious. As a journalist who has had to do numerous stand-ups, I’ve encountered way too many drunk people who think it’s funny to interrupt me in the middle of it to make some nonsensical, rambling comment. Not only is it extremely annoying, but it’s also really rude. In no other circumstance would it be okay for some drunken party-girl to interrupt someone in the middle of their job. This reporter takes back her stand-up in an extremely direct but effective way and I think it’s fantastic. All the power to her!

    • Blaire

      Totally agree! :)

    • Alexandrea J. Wilson

      I have to admit that I agree too. Not only was this utterly HILARIOUS-she’s working. I mean, I get that the girl is drunk and may not be all there but that’s not cool. The reporter is trying to do her job and instead she has to be interrupted and I’m sure the reporter knows that can come with the job-HOWEVER, I think she has the right to let someone know she is being disruptive. I mean, seriously. So kudos to the reporter, I hope she didn’t get fired for this. lol

  • Karen Taylor

    This reporter deserves a medal or something! If people want to be assholes on TV then they deserve what happens to them. I have no sympathy for the drunk girl, she chose to get drunk and be an ass and she got what she asked for.

  • Caroline Jeffery

    i love the look on the reporter’s face, and just her general body language, as soon as she hears the woman walk up to her. throwing her career out the window? maybe so. but at least she did it with style!!

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