Videos‘Super Bass' Cover by My New Hero, Sophia Grace BrownieeCandice Sesi

Hey guys! Tell me this isn’t the BESTEST video EVER in the history of EVER!!! I dare you! See? Told you. I don’t know who this amazing little girl is, but I do know that I absolutely love her and need her as my new bestie ASAP! I mean, her raps were so bad ass, then she comes outta left field with this powerful, beautiful voice and blew me away! I LOVE SOPHIA GRACE BROWNIEE! Even more so than

I need Sophia Grace Browniee to be a part of my life, I need her blonde backup dancer to fill in as the daughter I don’t have yet. She’s like, incredible to say the very least. Her moves are better than Jagger. Simply knowing that these little girls exist somewhere in the world has made me the happiest person alive!! NICKI MINAJ, YOU GOT SOME COMPETITION GIRL!

Dear Sophia,

Please be my friend?

Your Number 1 Fan,

Candice <3 <3 <3

This video was uploaded to YouTube by SophiaGraceBrowniee

  • Kashif Pasta

    This is super creepy! :S

    She IS a great a singer though. I can see her being pretty amazing in the future.

  • Whitney Hamilton

    If this doesn’t change your life, nothing will.

  • Vivien Alabado Rivera

    Wow! I love her back up too!

  • Angelina Wakely

    hehehe so cute and wow!

  • Jessica Massey

    She’s gonna be on Ellen next week!!!

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