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Sundays are Meant for Manly Brunches

Aside from mid-afternoon snack and second breakfast, brunch is the pinnacle of mealtimes. The combination of breakfast and lunch is ingenious, and the pairing of booze starts the day off right. Most girls crave their bellinis paired with an egg white omelette when they wake up after a party-filled Saturday night. I’m not like most girls, though.

First off, my dream brunch involves piles of fatty, greasy meats. Hook me up with a tower of smoky sausage, and I’m yours for life (or at least a good week). I also prefer a hearty sampling of barbecued brisket and pulled pork topped in a good rare steak.

True story time: one of my favorite brunches of all time revolved solely around bacon. Appropriately titled The Bacon Brunch, the waiter greeted me with a mason jar full of OJ and a plate piled with bacon and a bacon biscuit smothered in bacon marmalade. The lethal combination of cheddar and gruyere topped with crisp bacon in the form of a sandwich later lured me into a possible foodie coma. When I thought the magic had come to an end, I fell hopelessly in love with the most epic dessert known to mankind, a double chocolate bacon brownie with Jack Daniels’ whipped cream. If you thought I could tire of the Holy Divinity of Bacon, you’re totally wrong; I chowed down on some strips a few days later.

Prissy cocktails may be the signature item of weekend morning meals, but mimosas won’t do the trick for me. Being a lager kind of lady, a good beer goes well with most brunch items (although I wouldn’t recommend a liter of Guinness to go with your fruit salad). If I need a “girly” drink to compliment my platter of breakfast tacos and chilaquiles, hook me up with a large pitcher of sangria with extra rum-soaked fruits.

Finally, it’s important for me to pick the perfect dining partner to cap off my weekend. I have a handful of gal pals that love brunch, but they’re not fans of giant slabs of meat or ale in the morning. Over the years, my most enjoyable weekend meals have been with my closest guy friends. My boyfriend is a great person to split a month’s worth of BBQ in the span of two hours, while my best concert buddy Chaz is down for in-depth conversations and hardcore sake sessions over hearty portions of late-morning dim sum. Who says guys aren’t down for some badass brunching?!

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