Summer Fashion: Stay Cool and Classy

I’m Grasie and I dig Fashion. But don’t worry, I’m not one of those pretentious Fashion Snots who only wears Prada. I’m more of an everyday Style Lover. I’m all about mixing chain store brands with vintage gems from your local GoodWill. Word. So here I am for you, HelloGiggles readers.

What’s your wardrobe query? Let me have it and with Style By Grasie, I’ll give you answers. Okay, let’s get this party started.

Happy Memorial Day! It’s here…Summer! Right?! Well, technically it starts on June 21st, but you know what I mean. With Summer comes Summer Fashion.

How can you stay cool without your butt falling outta your shorts? Start by ditching those super short cut-offs! If your bootie is sticking out, it’s not very street friendly. Longer jean shorts (the kind the cover your entire buttocks) are one of my favorite go-tos. Try them with loose fitting tops and tanks.

Another great look this Summer are maxi dresses and skirts. I really wish they weren’t called that, because really all I think of is StayFree! Sorry, I digress. Maxi dresses and skirts are fab because they are comfy, cool (as in temperature) and chic as hell. Woot! Now you have two great options for Summer. Happy Dressing!

Good Shorts Image via  Madewell, Good Maxi Image via FreePeople. Bad Shorts Image via Sheppard’s Pie, Bad Maxi Image via Ebates


Grasie Mercedes is an Actress, Host & Style Blogger who loves doggies, pizza and rosy cheeks.

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  • Beth Curry

    I wish I was tall enough to look good in maxi dresses, but I’m tempted to go out and find a nice pair of dark high-waisted shorts to wear with something loose tucked in.

    This summer I’m gonna revamp my wardrobe and try and wear things more “girly” but I’m going to have to check out the petite sections to find out what looks good and what doesn’t. :/

    • Grasie Mercedes

      Nah, you’re never too short for a maxi dress, you just may need to get it hemmed at your local tailor. But yes, I nice pair of tall wedges works too. They look great with wedges! And funny you talk about being more “girly” this Summer…I made the same pack with myself :)

    • Shereen Hussain

      I’ve got friends who are pretty short (5ft 3 etc) who look great in maxi dresses without needing to wear heels. Give it a go!

  • Trina Hernàndez-Estrada

    OMGloob. I’m buying a couple of maxi dresses this week. That’s it. I’m doing it. I didn’t think I would be tall enough to pull ’em off (5’4″ here)… but I’m doing it. Thanks for the inspirational (and gigglesome) post, Grasie!

    • Grasie Mercedes

      aww thank you Trina! YES, go for it! :)

  • Beth Curry

    @Grasie I’ll have to go looking for some more then, thanks. :)
    @Shereen I’m around 5’0″ and think I look too stumpy and covered when I’ve tried maxis on but I’ll check some more out.

    • Katherine Xie

      @ Beth: I’m just 5’0″ as well!! But what I think is important to not look stumpy in a maxi is to make sure that the silhouette is overall stream-lined, either in a solid color or small prints with not too much bagginess or frills. ^_^

    • Grasie Mercedes

      nice advice katherine! so on point!

  • Guy Endore-Kaiser

    The girl in the bad shorts looks amazing. Everyone should dress like that!

    • Marianna Tabares

      OH GOSH! LOL I gotta go follow you on Twitter.

    • Grasie Mercedes

      haha! love you @GuyEndoreKaiser. now stop it :)

  • Becca Sands

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s hesitant to pull off the maxi. I’m working retail right now and we have TONS in our store, but I’m just not brave enough. You all may have convinced me to give them a try!

    • Grasie Mercedes

      do it, do it, do it! :)

  • Jessica McKelvin

    My daughter saw a red maxi dress at Target today and she told me I should buy it. I think I’ll definitely have to at least try it on next time we are in there.

    • Grasie Mercedes

      I think you’ll love it. Especially as mom because they are no-fuss and super comfy.

  • Charles G. Hill

    I’d hate to discourage the young lady in the Bad Shorts, but she’s not getting a ride in my car – mostly because the moment she hits the leather, she’s going to jump right into the sunroof, and the result will not be pretty.

  • Tisha Green

    That picture of the girl in the “shorts” (if you want to call them that) is terrible! I do agree that shorts that cover your entire back end are WAY better! I am also loving the maxi trend cause the dresses are comfortable and chic! My friends at FIDM Fashion Club are loving your blog page BTW :)

    • Grasie Mercedes

      why THANK YOU! that’s pretty awesome! please keep visiting :)

  • Laura Smith

    love love love this. Maxi dresses are fantastic. Comfortable, easy to wear, and chic. :-)

  • Adeline Flutterby

    I’m 4’11” & I rock maxi dresses. Its all about making sure you don’t get the hem caught in the escalator, pulling the tube top down and exposing your ta-tas for the entire mall to see. If you can pull that off, you’re gold.

  • Skye Tenorio

    I’ll pitch in with a comforting thought– I’m five feet tall and live in maxis in the summer!

  • Jamie Nelson

    I apologize if this is a double post, but where do you all find maxi dresses that fit those of us in the 5′ range?

  • Ashley Lynn Cook

    I know there’s the phrase “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” but that is WAY too much flaunting going on in those short shorts! Haha! And I love maxi dresses, I just don’t like sleeveless with my larger arms, so I haven’t ever bought any. And ladies, height isn’t everything, take it from a 6′ tall girl, I’d GLADLY trade in my height! :-)

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  • Kamaria Elizabeth

    me and my mom are both 5 ft even and we have a lot of maxi dresses between the both of us that look great with flats without having to be hemmed so never fear!

  • Emily Johnson

    Well I love the shout out to the Goodwill I’m also a cardcarrying goodwill shopper! Enjoyed the article minus calling the maxi pad a bad maxi.. It’s just trying to be the best maxi pad it can be! Do you maxi pad do you!

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