Summer Fashion: Stay Cool and Classy

I’m Grasie and I dig Fashion. But don’t worry, I’m not one of those pretentious Fashion Snots who only wears Prada. I’m more of an everyday Style Lover. I’m all about mixing chain store brands with vintage gems from your local GoodWill. Word. So here I am for you, HelloGiggles readers.

What’s your wardrobe query? Let me have it and with Style By Grasie, I’ll give you answers. Okay, let’s get this party started.

Happy Memorial Day! It’s here…Summer! Right?! Well, technically it starts on June 21st, but you know what I mean. With Summer comes Summer Fashion.

How can you stay cool without your butt falling outta your shorts? Start by ditching those super short cut-offs! If your bootie is sticking out, it’s not very street friendly. Longer jean shorts (the kind the cover your entire buttocks) are one of my favorite go-tos. Try them with loose fitting tops and tanks.

Another great look this Summer are maxi dresses and skirts. I really wish they weren’t called that, because really all I think of is StayFree! Sorry, I digress. Maxi dresses and skirts are fab because they are comfy, cool (as in temperature) and chic as hell. Woot! Now you have two great options for Summer. Happy Dressing!

Good Shorts Image via  Madewell, Good Maxi Image via FreePeople. Bad Shorts Image via Sheppard’s Pie, Bad Maxi Image via Ebates


Grasie Mercedes is an Actress, Host & Style Blogger who loves doggies, pizza and rosy cheeks.

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