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Summer Bohemian Fort

Okay, I could probably live in this thing. If I were a fairy….who didn’t require indoor plumbing and cable.

What a great and easy DIY to do in a backyard or maybe a park, or even a kid’s room!!!

What You’ll Need:

  • Lightweight sheets and blankets for the tent (the more patterns the better)
  • Pillows and thicker blankets or mats for the ground (maybe a tarp for moist ground)
  • A long strong rope or twine
  • Clothes pins

Do It:

  • Tie the rope securely between two trees or poles or cars!
  • Drape all your lightweight fabric over the rope to create a tent
  • Keep the fabric in place and attached to each other with clothes pins
  • Lay your thick blankets over the tarp on the ground and accent with pillows for comfort

Then just mix up some lemonade and watch the fireflies…ahhhh.

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Kate Albrecht, aka Mr. Kate, guides, informs and inspires with DIY’s for your home and wardrobe, oh, she cooks and designs jewelry too!
Twitter: @MrKateDotCom

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