Are You Afraid of the Dark was one of my favorite television shows growing up. No mater how scared I got I watched every single episode, my favorite being The Tale of the Lonely Ghost. With Halloween just around the corner I decided to focus today’s gallery on some of the creepiest villains from this beloved show.

I have to admit while searching for pictures and reading storylines from the show I had forgotten how scary some of the episodes were. It’s hard to believe it was a show for kids.  Did you watch Are You Afraid of the Dark? What was your favorite episode?

  • Sheila O’Loughlin

    Dead Man’s Float! Terrifying!

  • Tara Borman

    omg the “i’m cold” kid gave me nightmares forever!

  • Jessica Horton

    To be honest, I was FAR too young to watch all this stuff, but seeing that photo of the ghastly grinner up the top has freaked me out all over again – I used to believe that it was in the closet at my grandmother’s and she’d have to sit with me until I went to sleep because I was so scared!

  • Emily Parker

    What about “The Vacant Lot?” That one is one of my faves!

  • Esther Den Edel

    I used to love that show! The Tale of the Hatching and The Tale of The Reanimator.. those were great!

  • Lindsey Aylward

    I still say “I’m…. cold…” to my sister to freak her out. Best episode ever.

  • Britt Bulens

    AHH! When I saw this I immediately remembered the one episode that scarred me for weeks. At first I didn’t think you had it but it’s the lady from the very last picture! Apartment 214!!! She was terrible!

  • Shaina Herman

    totally digging the low budg costumes, I was petrified of them at probably too old of an age.

  • Lauren Jackson

    “Dead Man’s Float” will forever be the scariest episode. I refuse to this day to rewatch it. Too horrifying.

  • Colleen Sweeney

    I was just watching the Ghastly Grinner the other day online. Zeebo is definitely scary, but Stephen Kings ‘IT’ took care of the fear of clowns before I saw this episode.

  • Kelley Boyd

    The crimson clown is by far the scariest episode. I’m still afraid of Zeebo all these years later.

    • Deanne Kondrat

      I was going to say the Crimson Clown episode as well! I can’t watch the whole episode, even as an adult!

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